Samsung Wireless Charger Not Working – How To Fix It


Do you want to know why Samsung wireless charger not working? Do you want to know why is my phone not charging on wireless charger? Do you want to know what does it mean when the Samsung wireless charger is blinking? Or, do you want to know how do I know my Samsung wireless charger is working? Or you want to find out what do you do if your Samsung charger isn’t working?


Then look no further as these questions and others will be completely answered and resolved under this article in the next paragraphs.



It is important that, through this article, we explain to you how to resolve issues that surround a situation just like this topic. To ensure that we successfully do this, we shall be raising series of questions that are related to the topic, which are derived from popular questions that have been raised by various android phone users about the topic.


The idea is to identify other issues through these questions and summarily answer them before we no move on to discuss the topic in question. Ordinarily, because the questions are related to the topic, we could answer this within the first or second subheading indirectly.



Samsung Wireless Charger Not Working


As the name implies, a wireless charger for Samsung is the new innovative hardware component that enables you to charge your mobile Samsung device using a charger that is different from the conventional wired charger. Here, you tend to charge your device wirelessly by simply placing it in close proximity to the wireless charging pad.


The advent of various innovations for the process of making life easier through science and technology, makes you appreciate the whole concept behind the manufacturing of the wireless charging pad by Samsung corporation for the benefits of their smartphones.



How Do I Know My Samsung Wireless Charger Is Working?


Before we go ahead and look at your Samsung wireless charger not working, let us look at how you can find out whether or not your wireless charger is not working. Most times, a lot of issues can be addressed by simply explaining or addressing an omission that should have been done.


That is the same thing, some users are quick to insinuate that their wireless charger is broken or spoilt, simply because it may have not been able to charge their device.


Before you reach this conclusion, at least ensure that you have your facts correct, that is verify to know whether or not your wireless charger is working. If your charger is working properly, certain actions will take place.


Firstly, if your charger is working properly, a pop charging signal will appear, as well as a notification sound. Also, you will see a change to the battery icon, as the charging icon will appear beside it. Also, the LED light will change to Red. For the wireless charger, the LED light of the pad will change to Blue.


When charging is completed, the battery icon will change to a fully charged icon, and the LED light of the mobile phone will be light green, while the LED light of the wireless charger will change to Green.


In a situation where you use a wired charger to supply power to the wireless charging pad, the LED light of the wireless pad will light up Cyan. One thing you have to know about charging the wireless charging pad, with a wired charger, is that its fastness or slowness depends on the wireless charger.


When the wireless charger has a low power of 5V/1A or 5V/0.7A, the charging is bound to be slow and it will take time before it fully charges. However, if the wired charger is 5V/2A (which is the one recommended by the Samsung Corporation), then you can actually bank on having a fast charging option for your wireless charging pad.


In a situation where you failed to fulfill any of this inspection and move right to question the effective capacity of your wireless charger, then you are wrong on various counts. However, before you question whether or not your wireless charger is working, make sure you have checked out these requirements.



What Do You Do If Your Samsung Charger Isn’t Working?


To simply put, how do I fix the issue of the Samsung wireless charger not working. Like we stated above, after ensuring that your wireless charging pad cannot perform the way the one stated above performs, as well as your device also, then it is important that you look at how you can easily fix an issue that springs from the device not working properly.


To be able to fix this issue, we shall be providing a couple of solutions so just take one and try it out:


  1. Update your phone

Try updating your mobile device, if you have not done so in a very long time. This step can help you actually get your device working perfectly again if it is resolved that the wireless charging pad is fine, but your phone still does not charge.


  1. Elevate your device

Most people find this solution rather orthodox because it lacks any form of technical expertise, but you can actually attempt to get your device charging again, by simply placing something between your phone and the device. It could be a piece of paper or something lighter.


  1. Remove phone case

Try charging the device, this time without your phone case or pouch. Though you may have been previously charging the device before with your case or pouch on, this time try charging it without the case or pouch to make your device charge again.



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Hope you have gotten the best ideas for Samsung wireless charger not working? You can actually go through any of the information we released above to help you deal with whatever related issue that you have with the subject matter.


If you have any questions, please use the comment box below to notify us. My team is ready to answer you.

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