Free Top Fastest Android Launcher In 2021


Do you want to know the fastest android launcher? Or do you want to know which launcher is the fastest among other android launchers? How about if you want to know which is the best launcher for android devices, particularly your own? Or do you want an honest answer to can launcher speed up android?


Or you wish to find out the fastest android launcher download. Whatever your issue or questions are with regards to the subject matter of this article, be rest assured that, through this article, we shall be looking at them completely, and resolving them accordingly.


Android launchers help to add a flair of excitement and uniqueness to our devices. It is just like having different shades of make-up kits for your face that you can apply at any given time or opportunity. These launchers also come with unique features that help to spice up the user experience we get from our device.


However, we have also come to find out that most of these launchers reduce the speed of our devices, or in the worst case, make the device freeze. Owing to this, there is a need to find out the fastest android launcher that can suit our device.



Can A Launcher Speed Up Android?


Before we go ahead and look at the various fastest android launchers for your device, let us look at whether or not getting a launcher can speed up your device. Before we go right into it, it is important to note that we shall be resolving issues raised in this article through simple question and answer sections which will, in turn, help us to quickly resolve these issues once and for all.



Fastest Android Launcher



It is important that we follow this procedure as it will help us to find compelling answers, starting with this particular subheading.


It is important that users would want to know whether or not getting a new launcher will help speed up their android device. Getting a new launcher aside from your default launcher is an experience that most android users would want to partake in.


However, most people are cynical about whether or not it would affect their device speed or productivity. While it is true that most devices end up experiencing low speed because of some launchers, it is entirely possible that you can achieve maximum speed and ease with certain launchers that suit your device perfectly and completely.


These custom launchers come in various grades and forms, and their developers have sought to enhance their productivity by including various features that can easily topple the ladder and make them the most sought-after android launcher out there.


However, this also causes a significant increase in the size of the launcher, which also leads to more consumption of data and memory space and CPU. Owing to this, for you to use a friendly launcher, find and install custom launchers that use or consume less memory or CPU. The launcher helps you to quickly navigate your device through its custom shortcuts.


Fastest Android Launcher 2021


There are various launchers out there that have been dubbed the fastest android launcher, and yet they have proven more than once to be the direct opposite of what they are called.


This has made it quite difficult for users to be reluctant to experience the excitement that comes with have a custom launcher that is different from the default launcher, because they feel they are all the same, with regards to your device hanging or freezing. Shortly, we shall be showing you that this is not the case, as there are fast android launchers, fortunately.


These android launchers have been certified to be fast enough for your device speed and productivity which we highly recommend for you. They include:


  • Nova Launcher

You may have heard about it or seen it in most android user’s devices, but take it from us when we tell you that one of the fastest android launchers you can ever use is this particular launcher.


Nova Launcher


Aside from its custom features like the ability to turn on night or dark mode for your device along with all your apps, and other interesting customizations. It comes with the in-built feature that allows you to back up and restore your data, as well as save to cloud options and local transfer options. Which can help you in various ways to quickly save your data somewhere that is not your device.


  • Blackberry Launcher


Blackberry Launcher


This launcher also comes with its own unique feature that helps to serve you better. It comes with features like the ability to hide the app from your device’s home screen for privacy purposes. It also helps you to save your battery and data effectively. It also comes with a multi-click option that lets you either call a friend or send a mail with just one click.


  • Pocophone F1 Launcher


Pocophone F1 Launcher


Another fastest android launcher is the Pocophone f1 launcher that comes with various unique features and customization. While it is compatible with Android Q devices, it comes with a very fast speed for your device, as well as a cool dark mode option that you can enjoy to the fullest.


  • Hola Launcher


Hola Launcher


One of the fastest launchers ever made. This launcher is one of the most sought-after launchers because it does not support ads and pop-up notifications. This makes it really interesting in the sense that most users stay away from custom launchers because of persistent ads and pop-up notifications. It also comes with unique desktop customizations, and so on.








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Hope you have gotten the best ideas for the fastest android launcher? You can actually go through any of the information we released above to help you deal with whatever related issue that you have with the subject matter.


If you have any questions, please use the comment box below to notify us. My team is ready to answer you.

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