Phone Says No Sim Card Android Device – What To Do


Do you want to know why your phone says no sim card android? Do you want an answer as to why is my phone saying no sim card when there is? Or why is my phone saying there is no sim card? Or do you want to know why my phone is not reading my sim card? Or you want to know how do I stop android from saying no sim card installed?


How about if you want to know how do I fix sim card not detected? Or you just want to know why does my Samsung phone says no sim card detected? All these questions and many more will be properly explained in this article.


By answering these questions, we shall be giving profound and adequate information on the subject matter, which will, in turn, aid us with the required knowledge which is necessary to avert issues such as this one.


phone says no sim card android


Therefore, if you wish to find the answers you need for you to be able to go through this article, we strongly urge you to take a quick break and go through this brief article, which shall help you with this issue completely.


SIM cards are an integral part of the phone as they help us with connections to other mobile phone users. They are part of identification, as, unlike mobile phones, every sim card is identical to the holder alone independently. Therefore, we can see how important it is.


This is why it is more like a difficult situation when you get to find out that your phone says no sim card android, or you cannot detect your sim card on your mobile device. Being unable to use your sim card poses communication problems, which is why this article will help you fix it.


Why is My Phone Saying No Sim Card Detected?


Before we go ahead and tell you ways to fix a phone that says no sim card android, let us look at the possible reasons why your phone says that in the first place.

Your mobile device is not different from the various other devices whose sim cards are detected easily without any issues, so you may not help but wonder, why is my phone saying no sim card detected? There are two reasons as to why this may occur, and we shall be explaining these reasons briefly and in succinct terms.


Firstly, it may be your fault. How you may ask, but if you fail to properly insert your sim card in the port, you will be faced with a situation like that. Some phones have unique sim card ports that are different from regular mobile devices. Owing to this, most people may find it difficult to fix the sim cards properly.


Phone companies fix the instructions on how to properly insert the sim card on the device in its manual, or you can ask your vendor to assist you in fixing it properly to avert this issue completely without stress.


Another reason why you may be experiencing this is that you have software related issue. By software, we are referring to technical issues that arise from the phone’s setting. This issue can be easily fixed and you may find out how easily that can be when we look at it carefully in the next subheading.


The phone settings can play a role in the inability of your device to detect your sim card, and this is not your doing at all. We can show you subsequently how you can resolve this through series of solutions or steps that are effective.


How Do I Fix Sim Card Not Detected?


If your phone says no sim card android, then this is the part of the article where we shall be discussing how you can successfully fix it, if it is not related to the above solution where you can easily put in the sim card to its port correctly. Below, we shall be looking at few solutions as to how you can successfully fix issues that are related to sim cards not being detected:


  1. Reboot, then shut down your phone


phone says no sim card android


This step requires you to reboot your device. Rebooting your device is simply restarting your device. This could come in handy as it can also help you to summarily fix any slight software issue. However, if you could not achieve this by simply rebooting your device, try shutting it down and switching it on after few minutes. This can also help resolve the issue.


  1. Ensure that sim card is switched ON

Many may wonder how can you switch on the sim card, or how can you go about it. The truth is, if the sim card is switched off, you will not be able to use the sim card for any form or sort of communication. To be able to use your sim card, if it is switched off, switch it ON. To do this, kindly go to Settings > SIM Cards > toggle the sim card right to switch it on (the switch turns blue when it is ON)


  1. Change the network mode

Another solution to the phone that says no sim card android is that you can change the network mode of your device, as this can help you to also fix the connection problems associated with the sim card. The process to do it is simple, you can start by going to Setting > Mobile Networks > Network Mode then you can tap on the first option which is usually the auto selection.



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