Bluestacks for iPhone (Bluestacks for iOS)


You have a Macbook and an iPhone. You’ll like to use Android apps. While you’re totally out of the Android ecosystem, you can still run Android apps without purchasing extra hardware.


While Android phones can natively run Android apps (obviously), iPhones cannot. However, everyone knows what Bluestacks does.

If you don’t, Bluestacks is an Android emulator that lets you emulate Android apps on non-Android platforms. While there is a Bluestacks for PC and Mac, is there really a Bluestacks for iPhone?

In this article, we’ll look at the feasibility of Bluestacks for iOS devices and some alternatives you can use to have the Android experience on your iPhone.


Is There a Bluestacks for iPhone?


If today was April the First, I would have analyzed the numerous features of the nonexistent app. However, today isn’t April fool, and I have nothing to gain fooling you.

For a more realistic answer, Bluestacks for iPhone simply doesn’t exist. Wherever you got the idea of Bluestacks for iOS, get it out of your mind immediately.

You might have seen a website peddling so-called Bluestacks for iOS online. Predictably, none of these websites ever presents you with a download link. All you get is a link back to Bluestacks’ website, and if we’re seeing the same version of Bluestacks, you can only run it on macOS or Windows systems.


bluestacks for iphone


However, I’m not leaving you with a negative connotation. Instead of leaving you without a solution to your emulator problems, I’ll list out some Bluestacks alternatives on iPhone.

If that isn’t what you’re looking for, I’ll also list some Windows and macOS programs like Bluestacks that can run iOS apps. Certainly, one of these must be what you’re looking for.

Without further ado, let’s get into listing the Bluestacks alternatives.


Bluestacks Alternatives For iPhone


There are quite a few apps that let you emulate Android on iOS. However, (and quite unfortunately), Bluestacks isn’t one of them.

Here, we’ll list some good alternatives to Bluestacks, but with iOS versions. Ready to go on a wild ride?


  1. Alien Dalvik Emulator

If all you want is to run Android apps on your iPhone, Alien Dalvik might be all you need. It’s appropriately named, as it lets you run alien apps on the operating system.

Alien Dalvik doesn’t only run on iPhones, but it also works on iPads and iPods. This gives you a universal Android experience across all your iDevices without ever spending on an Android smartphone.

However, this app is absent from the App Store, complicating its installation process. If you are used to installing such apps from Cydia, you should have little problems installing Alien Dalvik.

Overall, if you’re after Bluestacks for iPhone, this emulator is as close as it gets.


  1. Apowermirror

If you have an Android phone and you’d like to use the impressive display and speakers on your iPhone to enhance your experience, this app is for you.

Apowermirror doesn’t run Android apps on iOS, it only mirrors an Android screen to an iOS device. If you use a desktop with a second screen, Apowermirror is something like that.

To mirror your Android’s screen to your iPhone using Apowermirror, you need an Android phone, an iPhone, and Apowermirror installed on both devices.

One more thing: both devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network for the screen mirroring to work.

While these aren’t the only two apps that can bring the Bluestacks experience to iOS, they are no doubt the most popular.

If you want some feature-rich apps that can perform similar functions, you can try out alternatives like iandroid.

Better still, get to a PC and fire up Bluestacks.


Alternatives to Bluestacks For iOS


This list isn’t the same as the previous one. The previous one lists apps that run on iPhones, but allow you to run Android apps. However, this is a list of apps that run on other OSes but lets you run iOS apps.

If that’s what you’re looking for, you lucked out. However, many of these apps are not free. You’ll have to pay a premium to use the good ones, just like you’ll need to pay for an iPhone.


  1. io is about the best multi-platform iOS emulator as it gets. This software isn’t limited to a specific platform like Bluestacks; it runs completely on the internet. provides a free demo at its homepage that you can use to test out before paying for it. The demo is limited to 60 seconds, but it is as fluid as a new iPhone during my testing on a Windows PC.

If you need an iOS emulator to test out your iPhone apps, is your best bet. You can switch between operating systems without losing access to the program as it is web-based.

There is also a free version of, but it limits you to 100 minutes per month, which isn’t what anyone will be comfortable with.


  1. Ripple

Ripple is another iOS emulator that runs iPhone apps right in your desktop browser. It is cloud-based, and it is only available as a Chrome extension.

A striking difference between Ripple and is that Ripple is free, and isn’t limited to a specific number of minutes per session.

In addition, Ripple works as a Chrome extension, while is a fully-fledged website with an iOS emulator baked-in.

If you want an emulator that runs most iPhone apps, Ripple is great.


  1. iPadian

iPadian doesn’t quite do what the rest of the programs in this category do, but it’s worth a mention. iPadian gives your desktop an iPad-like interface, but it doesn’t emulate the system.

An emulator tries to imitate both software and hardware features of a device to create an almost perfect copy of that device.

On the other hand, a simulator imitates basic design and software features to give you a feel of the operating system.

You cannot run iPadOS apps on iPadian, and you cannot use all the glorious Apple apps (Facetime, iMessages).

Therefore, if testing your apps is why you need a Bluestacks for iPhone, iPadian is pretty useless.



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Bluestacks for iPhone might not exist at the moment, but we have things that are similar to that. However, before we can tell you those apps, we have to be sure that you’re not mistaken.

If you want something that runs like Bluestacks, but for iOS, you have iAndroid and Alien Dalvik to the rescue.

However, if you want something that runs iOS apps as Bluestacks runs Android apps, you have and Ripple.

Whatever you want is available in the limitless world of the free internet.

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