HA Tunnel Plus – Latest Free Browsing Cheat On MTN, Airtel, Glo And 9mobile


On this page, you will get HA Tunnel Plus free browsing cheat on MTN, Airtel, Glo, and 9mibile. Follow the steps on this page to get free data on all networks.


There has been an upsurge in the popularity of VPNs recently. While most VPNs come into the limelight due to their ability to break through geographical website restrictions, one has overstayed for a different peculiar reason: HA Tunnel Plus.


Apart from accessing blocked websites, HA Tunnel Plus is also a haven for free browsing. If you get your settings right, you should be browsing at no charge on any telecom.


While HA Tunnel Plus is available on Play Store, that mightn’t be enough to suffice for you. Before showing you how to browse for free using this VPN, let’s see why VPNs exist in the first place.


HA Tunnel Plus


What are VPNs?


A VPN is a technology that routes your internet connection requests through another IP. Since internet service providers primarily track you using your IP, this approach can help protect against tracking.

VPNs like the HA Tunnel Plus can also unblock geographically locked content.

This application came into practical use after the Twitter bans by the Nigerian and Iranian governments, where people often use VPNs to circumvent these bans.






Uses HA Tunnel Plus?


While it’s clear that VPNs like HA Tunnel Plus can unblock geographically locked content, that’s far from being the only thing they can do.

Here are some of the things you can do with HA Tunnel Plus or pretty much any other VPN.


  1. Location masking

Unblocking geo-locked content always comes to the forefront when we talk about VPNs. However, nobody seems to talk about the other advantages of hiding behind a VPN while you surf the web.

A VPN routes your connection through another IP. Most of the time, you can choose a specific country for the new IP address.

If you choose a country for the IP address, it will look like you’re browsing from that location. This changes everything you do to that country’s version.

If your country’s Netflix blocks out some of your favorite American movies and shows, you can use a VPN to flip countries. This action gets you unrestricted access to the massive library of American content.

This logic applies to every other website too. Be careful; connecting to a Chinese IP address will make websites think you’re Chinese, and your internet will be in Chinese too!


  1. Secure encryptions

Privacy is a thing, and security is another thing. Online security is essential but not widespread.

If you’re using an insecure network like an open public Wi-Fi, someone could be spying on your internet activities.

Even if you’re not using insecure networks, your internet service provider can see most of the things you do on the web. These may include the websites that you visit and from where exactly you’re browsing.

If you want to secure this information from hackers, the government, or your ISP, a VPN is your best bet. When your IP address scrambles, they’ll all have a hard time breaking through the encryption to see your browsing activity.

Even if they do, good luck to them in linking it to your IP address, which has changed anyways.


  1. Free browsing

While VPN providers don’t market VPNs with this perk, we can’t help but notice its presence. Honestly, most VPN users can’t care less about encryption or location masking; all they care about is unlimited free internet.

While you can’t simply download a VPN, connect to a server, and start streaming Netflix, you can browse for free with the help of HA Tunnel Plus.

Before you can browse for free using HA Tunnel Plus, you’ll need to mess with some config files. If that’s the price we’ll pay for free internet, then so be it.

Throughout this article, you’ll learn how to activate free browsing on all major network providers.


Some disadvantages of VPNs like HA Tunnel Plus


While these VPNs ensure security and all, are they failsafe?

We don’t think so. In this section, you’ll learn some reasons why you may want to think twice about using a VPN like HA Tunnel Plus.


  1. Don’t guarantee privacy.

While a VPN like HA Tunnel Plus can only do so much to ensure that your web activity is private, you also have a crucial role to play.

The information you supply to the social media platforms that you use doesn’t stay private. Also, posting what you ate last night doesn’t do a good job of keeping your info private.


  1. Many free VPNs are shady


If you’re unaware, Art of Tunnel markets HA Tunnel Plus as a 100% free VPN. While nothing beats free, it’s not usually that way in the VPNs world.

According to some research, 86% of free VPNs have some serious security flaws. This figure is terrifying, especially when you consider that these apps should be securing your data.

VPNs can access your data if they wanted to. They can collect your IP address and intentionally route you to a server that will track your activities to collect data about you.

Since HA Tunnel Plus is a free VPN that has been around for a while without any funding, it’s easy to think negatively about its revenue strategy.


  1. They might be illegal.

Depending on what country you’re browsing from, using a VPN might be illegal. This case is especially true for China, where only selected, government-approved VPNs can operate around the country.

It’s important to note that we don’t back illegal activity, and you shouldn’t use a VPN if it’s not legal to use in your country.


How to Browse for Free Using HA Tunnel Plus


Forget encryption and anonymity; this is the real strength of HA Tunnel Plus. Most people who download HA Tunnel Plus don’t care about security or privacy; they only want to browse for free.

This revelation may sound strange to you if you’ve always paid for Wi-Fi all your life. The fact is that people use free browsing cheats, and they work.

To get started browsing for free on VPNs like the HA Tunnel Plus, you only need specific configuration files.

When you have these configuration files, you can import them, as we’ll show you later in this guide, so you can start browsing without using your internet allocation.

If that sounds like fun, it’s because it is fun.

There is a catch, however; config files for HA Tunnel Plus get blocked so frequently. However, you can almost always get the new and working ones.

We’ll try to update this post when new configuration files show up. If you download a config file that doesn’t work, refresh this post and download new ones before trying the guides that follow.

There are different configuration files for the various networks on HA Tunnel Plus. In this guide, we’ll go through each chronologically, giving you download links to the file, as well as setup guides to help you get started browsing for free.


HA Tunnel Plus For Airtel Free Browsing Settings


if you’re an Airtel subscriber looking to take advantage of the HA Tunnel Plus free browsing cheat, this is the section for you.

Here, I’ll link to working downloads of the configuration files for the app. In addition, I’ll be showing you how to merge the configuration files with the app to make for a free browsing experience.

Here are the steps required to browse for free on Airtel with HA Tunnel Plus.

  1. Download the HA Tunnel Plus app from Google Play or the Apple App Store. If you don’t have it already, you can click on this link to download it.
  2. Download the Airtel free browsing configuration file. There are many different ones online, and not all will work. Even those that work can stop working at any time whenever it’s discovered and blocked.

For now, you can use the config file in this link. When it stops working, return to this page, refresh and download the new configuration file. That should work in the meantime too.

  1. Launch HA Tunnel Plus app. Do not connect to any servers for now.
  2. At the top right corner of the app, click on the menu icon denoted by three vertically arranged dots.


  1. Click on Import/Export from the available options. This action will pop up another menu asking if you want to import or export a configuration file. Click on Import Config to open your file manager.


  1. Browse to your downloads manager where the config file most probably is, and select the .hat file. The import should complete in an instant.


When you’ve successfully imported a config file to use with HA Tunnel Plus VPN, you can click on ‘START’ below the description to connect to the VPN through the config file.

You may need to watch some ads to accumulate time. The time you accumulate is the amount of time you’ll be able to use the internet for free, even if you don’t have a megabyte of data.


HA Tunnel Plus For 9mobile Free Browsing Cheat


If you’re on 9mobile (or Etisalat, as it’s previously called), you can also use the glory of HA Tunnel Plus free browsing cheats.

The 9mobile free browsing settings on HA Tunnel Plus work like that of Airtel. The only difference across all telecoms is the config file; the Airtel config file won’t work for 9mobile and vice versa.

Here is how to set up 9mobile free browsing using HA Tunnel Plus.

  1. Install HA Tunnel Plus if you don’t have it already. Then, install the 9mobile config file from this link.
  2. After downloading the config file for Etisalat, you’ll need to open the HA Tunnel Plus VPN app.
  3. At the top right corner, click on the three vertically arranged dots. This pops up a menu with a few options. Select Import/Export to import your newly downloaded 9mobile configuration file for HA Tunnel Plus.
  4. You may need to tap ‘Import Config.’ Then, using the provided file manager, navigate the downloaded config file on your device and select it to import.

If you’re having trouble finding the config file, look into the Downloads folder.

When you tap on the file, you should have a little message that reads: ‘Import Success.’ When you see this message, click on the yellow ‘START’ button to start browsing for free.

Note that the config file may stop working at any moment. If, or when it does, you can always come back here to download the updated versions to continue browsing for free on 9mobile.



HA Tunnel Plus For  MTN Free Browsing Cheat


As you might have guessed already, Airtel and 9mobile cheats won’t work for you if you’re team yellow (MTN).

However, using MTN as your primary SIM won’t lock you out from the glory of HA Tunnel Plus. Here is a guide to browsing for free on MTN using this app and links to the updated configuration files.

  1. Download the HA Tunnel Plus VPN app. While you may be angry at the repetition, some people will skip to this section without reading the previous ones, necessitating the repetition.
  2. Download the updated MTN configuration files for HA Tunnel Plus from this link. You can check back for an updated version when this one works stops working.
  3. Open the HA Tunnel Plus VPN app and import the configuration file. Here is how to import a configuration file on HA Tunnel Plus.
    • Tap the menu to the upper right of your phone’s screen. This action opens up a menu of options; tap the first option: Import/Export.
    • On the resulting popup, tap ‘Import Configuration.’ Browse through the files on your phone for the configuration file and tap to import.
    • Once the import completes, tap the ‘START’ button to start a connection based on the configuration file.

Now, you should be able to browse freely without any internet connection fees. Try streaming a YouTube video in 1080p to see if this works.

If it doesn’t, your config file might be outdated. Return to this page and download the updated configuration files to fix the problem.



HA Tunnel Plus For Glo Free Browsing Cheat


Glo prides itself as the ‘grandmasters’ of data, and undoubtedly, they make a lot of their revenue on their users’ data subscriptions.

If you’re buying Glo data, it’s because you haven’t learned about this strategy yet. Here is how to activate the HA Tunnel Plus browsing cheat on Glo to enable you to browse at no cost.

  1. Get the HA Tunnel Plus app from Google Play using this link. Downloads from external websites could contain viruses that will infect your phone and install adware.
  2. Download the HA Tunnel Plus configuration file for Glo. Note that the configuration files for MTN, Airtel, and 9mobile won’t work for Glo.

You can download updated config files for Glo by following this link.

  1. Open the HA Tunnel Plus app, and click on the three dots at the top right to reveal the menu.

Click on Import/Export, and then ‘Import Config.’ Using the provided file management tool, navigate to the config file and tap on it to import.

  1. Once the importation is successful, you can tap on the yellow ‘START’ button to connect to the VPN to enjoy browsing for free.




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And that’s everything you need to know about HA Tunnel Plus in a concise piece. It covers everything from the advantages of using a VPN to the steps required to browse for free on HA Tunnel Plus.

If the configuration files stop working correctly, you can always return to this page for the updated config files.

With the updated configuration files and the updated HA Tunnel Plus VPN app, you’ll never have to pay for mobile internet anymore.

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