Phone Won’t Download Pictures In Text Messages Android 


Do you have issues with the fact that your phone won’t download pictures in text messages android? Do you ever wonder why can’t I download pictures from text messages? Or, why can’t I download picture messages on android? Or why won’t my picture images download on my Samsung galaxy?


Or do you want to know how do I download a picture from a text message on android? The questions are endless, but they are all related. To find the most practical and exemplary answers to them, we suggest you go through the article.



It is important that, through this article, we explain to you how to resolve issues that surround a situation just like this topic. To ensure that we successfully do this, we shall be raising series of questions that are related to the topic, which are derived from popular questions that have been raised by various android phone users about the topic.


The idea is to identify other issues through these questions and summarily answer them before we no move on to discuss the topic in question. Ordinarily, because the questions are related to the topic, we could answer this within the first or second subheading indirectly.



Why Can’t I Download Pictures From Text Messages?


Before we go ahead and look at why your phone won’t download pictures in text messages on android, let us quickly look at a very important issue that directly or indirectly relates to the topic of this article.


It is important that we answer this question, because like we stated earlier, it brings us closer to properly being able to resolve the issue found from the topic, as we can easily resolve this if we find out why you can’t download pictures from your text messages.


First and foremost, most people may not properly understand what we mean by being able to download pictures from text messages. Ordinarily, before now, text messages were designed to help phone users to send words in typed form to other phone users who may or may not be on their contact list.


This is an alternative to voice calls, as most people might feel convenient at any point to text rather than call. The point here is that text messages served the sole purpose of sending typed words as text to other users, hence one may wonder about the images.


With the recent advent of smartphones or android phones, tech companies have expanded the purpose of text messages to now include the ability to send not just texts, but media files like pictures. For many, this is a welcomed development, as it saves you a lot of stress of having to explain certain things through text.


This can make your intentions known through pictorial representation via text messages. However, there can be issues arising from the fact that irrespective of the fact that you can send these images, you cant download them effectively so as to properly view them.


There are a lot of reasons as to why you may not be able to do this. One of the most prominent reasons is the type of device that you are currently using. It is understandable that everyone would want to enjoy this particular feature, irrespective of the fact that your device may not be compatible with this feature.


The issue is pretty clear; for you to use this feature; you must have a compatible device. Only certain versions of android devices can perform this task. Also, you have to ensure that you are not using a java phone or less.


Why Can’t I Download Picture Messages on Android?


There are a lot of reasons why you’re phone won’t download pictures in text messages on android, but before then, let us look at why can’t I download picture messages on android.

As we stated in the above subheading, only major android and other superior devices can actually send and receive picture images in text messages. Yet, one may wonder, why can’t I download picture messages on my android device. The answer to this is easily found in the question.


You can’t do this because you have not been able to utilize the device in the right manner. By this, we mean that sending text messages may require certain charges on your mobile number account, sending media files like pictures requires adequate mobile internet connections.


In other words, in the absence of a data connection or internet connection, or Wi-Fi, there is a great possibility that you may not be able to download images from your android. This can also serve as a proper and adequate response to why won’t my picture images download on my Samsung galaxy. So, kindly ensure that you have an internet connection to be able to enjoy this feature.


How Do I Download a Picture From a Text Message on Android?


Now that we have indirectly looked at why mobile phones won’t download pictures in text messages on android, let us quickly look at how you can download a picture from a text message on android. The steps are simple, so take a look at them quickly:

  • Go to your phone message app and tap on it to launch the app
  • Go to the text message that contains the image or picture
  • Open the message and tap on the photo or image or picture
  • When you do this, tap on the save icon on the top-right corner of the message to save the picture to your device.






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Hope you have gotten the best ideas for the phone that won’t download pictures in text messages on android? You can actually go through any of the information we released above to help you deal with whatever related issue that you have with the subject matter.


If you have any questions, please use the comment box below to notify us. My team is ready to answer you.

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