How To Empty Trash On Android


Do you want to know how you can empty the trash on your android phone? Do you want to know how you can lessen or free more memory space for other files on your device? It is pretty simple and less complicated.


To fully understand this, we strongly advise that you sit back and go through this article as we shall be telling you all you need to know. The process involved in this is really simple and can be easily carried out only if you know the right steps to take in solving it.


Trash, as the name implies, simply refers to those things which you do not have a need for anymore, that is, waste materials or garbage. Obviously, a lot of people will wonder what this has to do with the android phone, but the truth is, even here there is still a presence of trash, except we do not refer to them as “Trash”, we refer to them as something totally related to it, which is relative.

For android phones, trash is the compound name for those files which you do not have the need anymore, hence you delete them from the device.


How To Empty Trash On Android


The only issue here now is that you ‘think’ you have completely gotten rid of these files but in the end, you still feel no changes in your memory storage indicating that certain storage has been saved as a result of the deleted files.


The reason for this is simple – your trash is not yet empty. Until your trash has been successfully cleaned out, you cannot achieve free memory space from the files which you have deleted. Of course, the next question will be “how do I empty the bin on my android phone?” and that is completely understandable too.


There are a lot of ways you can go about this, and be rest assured that we will help you by showing you the various ways you can go about it. However, before that, there are other issues related to this that have to be resolved.


We shall be dealing with these issues accordingly to enable you to understand how you can actually achieve not just how to empty your trash on your android phone, but how to solve many other issues that are closely related to this question. We shall be looking at several issues and addressing them as such.



Where Is The Trash Can On My Android?


One may ask a question like ‘how can I find the trash folder on my android?’ or ‘how can I go to trash on my device?’ The answer to this question has to be the most simple of answers. My favorite quote is: out of intense complexities, intense simplicities emerge.


How To Empty Trash On Android


That is to say when something appears to be an issue or is seen as being beyond resolving, a critical look at it can actually expose the fact that it can actually be the easiest thing anyone can actually and successfully resolve.


This question or questions that are raised can be perfectly resolved. To locate the trash on your device, kindly go to the Google photo app. This is a default app on your android phone, courtesy of Google. When you launch the app, go to the sidebar on your left and tap on it. The sidebar will drop down few options.


One of these options is actually called Trash. Cool, right? I bet you did not know it was right there (smiles). So that is it, it is actually easy to locate and you can see your ‘deleted’ files inside there too.


How to Empty Trash on Android


Here let us look at how you can empty trash on your Samsung Galaxy devices or tablet, how to empty trash on your LG phone, or how you can empty the trash bin of your android device. The processes are all the same. But there is something we must note before that.


Cleaning up your trash might be just the process, but the aim remains to free more memory space on your device. To do this, it does not just end with simply cleaning out your trash; it goes to other areas also similar.


Be that as it may, we shall be looking at various ways you can carry out how to empty your trash on Android, or how to simply free more memory space on your device, which just like finding your trash, is actually simple and easy to do.


We shall be doing this by listing few ways you can go about this and how you can successfully ensure that you achieve this. Below are the various ways you can free up memory space on your device:


  1. Clearing Cached files

Most people do not know this, but the cached files in your device actually contribute to why your phone quickly runs out of memory space quickly. Owing to various activities like playing games or visiting various online platforms, it generates a lot of cache files which slows your phone down. The reason why people do not know this is that cache files are saved in various folders and their formats make them less visible to be seen like other media files.


This is why most recent upgraded android phones come with automatic apps that help you to easily clear your cache. To be able to do this manually, or how you can simply empty your trash on your android through removing your cached files, go to Settings, then go to Storage, and then tap on Cached files. This will automatically ask you to grant permission to clear cached files. Upon doing this, your memory space will be saved automatically.


  1. Uninstalling Apps

If you want to check another way of how you can empty your trash on android, you can check the alternative of uninstalling the apps that you do not use frequently. Uninstalling the apps can go a long way to ensure that you have free space on your device and boost your device speed.

To do this, simply hold on to the particular app, and tap on Uninstall. However, this type of operation does not apply to default apps, that is, apps that were pre-installed into the device prior to your purchase.




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Hope you have gotten the best ideas for how to empty trash on Android? You can actually go through any of the information we released above to help you deal with whatever related issue that you have with the subject matter.


If you have any questions, please use the comment box below to notify us. My team is ready to answer you

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