Android Cast to TV Without Chromecast – How To Setup


Do you want to discover the easy and simple ways of the Android Cast to TV without Chromecast? Do you want to see how you can possibly achieve this on your own without help from a technician or an employee from the electronic store?


Then look no further, as, in this article, we have you covered in various ways. By that, we mean we will be giving you an all-encompassing article that will cover various questions and topics under this subject and which will enable you to know how to go about it completed successfully.


Carrying out the android cast to TV without Chromecast is completely simple, and less tedious. All you have to do is to ensure that you have the right knowledge and tools necessary for you to successfully carry out this exercise.



Android Cast to TV Without Chromecast



This is the need of this article as we will help you embark on this exercise. It is not enough to say that you have whatever tools you require to see the job through, what matters is that you have the necessary knowledge that is compulsorily required for you to see that the exercise is successfully carried out without any issue.



Can You Cast a TV Without The Internet?


This is one of the most important questions people try to ask whenever you talk about the android cast on TV without Chromecast. Most users want to be aware of what it takes for you to successfully cast their android device activities on their TV screen. To start with, you can absolutely cast your android to your TV without internet connection. To do this, you have to use a cord, which will go into the port of your smart TV and the rest is history! You can now check out your activities on your TV.

It does not matter your situation, you can even carry out android cast to TV without wifi, as long as you have your cord. Many people feel that it requires internet connection for you to enjoy something as basic as android cast on TV without Chromecast, and that is so not true.

With no internet connection or wifi connection, you can actually carry out casting of android activities on your TV without and this is not even a joke. All you need is a cord that smartly connects to your TV and with the right permission granted, it works.



How to Connect Phone to TV Without Screen Mirroring


Another common question people ask about the android cast on TV without Chromecast is the method of how to connect the phone to TV without screen mirroring. Oftentimes, people ask questions like how do I mirror my android to my smart TV? Or, Can screen mirroring be done on any TV? These question all boils down to one topic or issue: Screen mirroring.

The difference between basically casting your android activity on your TV and screen mirroring on TV are two different things and we shall be looking at it quite shortly.


Screen mirroring or simply mirroring your device to your TV, as the name implies, means that you are actually displaying everything your phone displays on your TV screen.

Most people do this through HDMI connections that enable you to directly mirror your device on your TV conveniently. On the other hand, casting means that you have to share your phone files through your TV without actually displaying what your device displays.

In other words, you can cast with your device being locked; but you cannot mirror with your device being locked. To connect without mirroring, you can use smart methods.


Can You Cast To a TV Without Chromecast?


Android cast on TV without Chromecast is entirely possible. Instead of simply mirroring your device which is the usual practice, you can actually cast your device on your TV without having to mirror it, or do anything extra. We shall be showing you a method of how you can achieve this.


  • Default or in-house casting

By this, we mean that this is a process of android cast on TV without Chromecast where you get to use already pre-installed settings on your android device to establish such connection between your device and your TV.

The process of doing this is less tedious and actually easy. The first thing to do here is to ensure that your device is at least above Android version 4.2, and that your device has the same producer or manufacturer as your TV (For instance, Samsung, LG, etc), and that your TV is equipped with Miracast which enables you to create a secure link between the TV and the device without internet connection.

Once this is done, you go into the process of creating a connection. The first step here is to check your device’s quick notification section by dragging down the notification bar. When you have done this, look for a screencast feature that would allow you to cast your device on the TV.

For Samsung products, tap on Smart View. You will see a list of available devices, tap on your TV o establish connections. If at the event that your TV is not on the list of TVs that popped up, ensure that your TV and device are connected on the same wifi network.



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Hope you have gotten the best ideas for Android cast on TV without Chromecast? You can actually go through any of the information we released above to help you deal with whatever related issue that you have with the subject matter.


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