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Do you want a full explanatory answer to a question like Why Is My Phone So Slow All Of A Sudden? Do you want to know why my iPhone is so slow all of a sudden? How about how to fix a slow android phone? Or do you want to know how do I fix a slow phone?


We greatly implore you to sit back and carefully go through this article as we shall be answering all these questions and so much more in simple, less technical language or tone necessary.


In this article, we shall be looking at why your phone generally is slow. We understand that our users use different types of devices, so we shall be looking at this through the main mobile devices: Android and iOS (iPhones, in this context).

This will help us get a general knowledge about the issue as it relates to the two devices since they do not have the same operating system. After this, we shall be looking at how you can fix this issue too. In the same vein, we shall be looking at this through the views of Android and iPhone mobile phones respectively.


Why is My Android Phone Slow?


Why is my phone so slow all of a sudden? That is the question we wish to answer from the point of view of an android user. Most times, we want to enjoy ourselves and just relax with our mobile devices while scrolling through the internet, or browsing through our phones, playing music, or playing some video games, when all of a sudden the android phone running slow and freezing. This can be frustrating and here are the reasons why this happened or keeps happening to your device continuously:


  1. Presence of resource-hungry applications. The presence of some applications on your android phone which are hungrily devouring available resources like memory space and processing speed leaves your device at the mercy of lagging or slowing circumstances that arise from the abrupt wake of these applications. Most times, you do not even tap or launch these applications themselves, as they just open in the background and through live widgets, push notifications, and other background syncs, these applications end up causing massive lagging to the general performance of the phone, which ends up making the phone ‘hang’ or slows it down.
  2. Memory Usage. Another prominent reason why your android phone is slow is because of the memory space which it consumes. Most people are carried away by the massive memory space capacity which their phones now come with, as most android phone companies have figured that another way to attract more users is to enlarge the memory space of the ROM. Owing to this, most users get carried away and begin to add various files to their device, which ends up slowing the device because they do not really check most times to verify if the device memory space is filled or not. Owing to this, the device generally becomes low because of the absence of adequate space.
  3. Absence of periodic optimization. This reason is probably one reason that people have failed to look into most times. Optimization is the process of making the phone functional and effective after it has experienced a lagging situation. For instance, when you play games on your android phone, it generates a lot of memory in the background of the device which ends up making the game rather slow and in some cases might lead to freezing. It happens because of the absence of proper optimization.


There are many other reasons for the slow android phone issues, or why your android phone is getting slow. These reasons are all related to the issue at hand. The only reason why these suggestions above were the only ones listed was that they are the most common reasons why your android phone hangs or is slowing down all of a sudden.

Now we have completely dealt with this issue, it is important that we look at the issue of why is my iPhone so slow all of a sudden. The reason for this problem includes the following:


  • Lack of memory space. Generally, when your device is low on memory storage, it affects the performance of your device in all aspects. This applies to your iPhone. The iPhone device is renowned for many things, one of it being its huge memory capacity. It is only normal that most users would go ahead and use them without paying attention to the memory capacity they have left, which will lead to the most times not paying attention to the state of the memory storage and keep putting more files into the phone. The downside of course is the phone getting slow and lagging.


  • ‘Unauthorized’ upgrade. This occurs when you have an iPhone 4 and you upgrade to the iOS of iPhone 7. When you do this, it ends up affecting the speed of the phone, thereby making it slow because the properties of the iOS of iPhone 7 are incompatible with the properties of your iPhone 4 device. This is why we consider this upgrade ‘unauthorized’ because Apple as a company will not advise its users to carry out such an upgrade.




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Hope you have gotten the best ideas for why is my phone so slow all of a sudden? You can actually go through any of the information we released above to help you deal with whatever related issue that you have with the subject matter.


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