How To Fix Text Messages Not Downloading


Do you want to know how you can fix the Text Messages Not Downloading issue? Do you want to know why is my phone not downloading messages? What about how do I fix my text messages not showing up? How do I download text messages from my android? Or, how do I download text messages from my Samsung phone?


No matter the issue as it relates to the topic, be rest assured that through this article, we shall be looking at these issues one after the other through their questions. So sit back and enjoy the article.


It is important that, through this article, we explain to you how to resolve issues that surround a situation just like this topic. To ensure that we successfully do this, we shall be raising series of questions that are related to the topic, which are derived from popular questions that have been raised by various android phone users about the topic.



text messages not downloading



The idea is to identify other issues through these questions and summarily answer them, before we no move on to discuss about the topic in question. Ordinarily, because the questions are related to the topic, we could answer this within the first or second subheading indirectly.


Why Is My Phone Not Downloading Messages?


Before we go ahead and look at why text messages not downloading issues abound, it is important that we look into why your phone is not downloading messages.


It is important that we consider this very essential informative question, because it helps to bring us closer to being able to fully resolve the issue raised in the topic. Most people wonder why we are so focused on text messages not downloading.


The truth is that we are not necessarily looking at text messages per se. We are also talking about MMS messages, which come into your default inbox which your text messages also come into normally. For those of us who may not know what MMS really means, we shall be briefly looking at it in a paragraph or two.


Multimedia Messaging Service, which is popularly known as MMS, is a standard method to send messages that incorporate multimedia content to and from a cell phone over a cell organization. Clients and suppliers may get to use such a message as a PXT, an image message, or a multimedia message.


The MMS standard broadens the center SMS (Short Message Service) capacity, permitting the trading of instant messages more noteworthy than 160 characters long. Dissimilar to message just SMS, MMS can convey an assortment of media, including as long as forty seconds of video, one picture, a slideshow of numerous pictures, or sound.


The primary MMS-skilled telephones were presented around 2002 related to the main GSM organization. The Sony Ericsson T68i is generally accepted to be the main MMS-competent cell, while a lot more hit North American business sectors starting in 2004 and 2005.


Now that we know what it is, let us quickly tell you why this type of message may not be able to download on your device. Unlike basic text messages, multimedia messaging services require internet or data connection for it to successfully download its contents in your device.


Without the internet or data connection which it requires, you may never be able to receive and download these media contents if they were sent to you. It does not matter that you got the text messages that probably came with the media content, without data connection, you can also receive text messages which is very applicable or normal.


But without data connection or internet connection, you cannot send or receive MMS messages. This is why your message is not downloading.



How Do I Fix My Text Messages Not Showing Up?


As we have partly looked at text messages not downloading issue through the MMS issue, let us now look at how you can the issue of your text messages not showing up. Unlike MMS messages, text messages do not require internet or data connection before you can access them, that is, to send or receive them. It requires a certain charge to send text messages, but it however costs nothing to receive text messages.


However, you can run into issues that may warrant your text messages not showing up. These issues are mainly technically, and you can easily resolve them on your own without any stress. Below, we shall be showing you steps you can take to successfully resolve this issue. The steps necessary to fix text messages not showing up include:


  • Kindly go to the home screen of your device, and tap on Settings
  • At Settings, kindly tap on Apps
  • Under this section, kindly locate your messaging app, and tap on it
  • Under the selections, tap on Storage
  • When this opens, tap on Clear Cache or Clear Data


The idea of clearing the cache or data of the message app is that it would free up space within the app to allow it to start or keep receiving text messages. This would help you fix the issue of not receiving text messages.



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Hope you have gotten the best ideas for text messages not downloading? You can actually go through any of the information which we released above to help you deal with whatever related issue that you have with the subject matter.


If you have any questions, please use the comment box below to notify us. My team is ready to answer you.

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