How To Connect Phone To TV With USB


Do you want to know How To Connect Phone To TV With USB cord? How do I connect my android phone to my TV? How to connect a mobile to a normal TV?


All these questions boil down to the topic in question, and we are delighted to let you know that if you will just exercise a little patience and go through the article, we shall be resolving this for you in the most simple terms ever. This article will go on to help you with your issues.


The issue started in the topic and the various questions raised may look too simple for some people and one may wonder why this can be complicated.


How To Connect Phone To TV With USB



The truth remains that despite how simple the questions are, the processes involved are what warrant people to ask these questions in the first place, because most people may experience difficulties in actually doing this.


So, to be on the safer side, it is pertinent that you go quickly go through this article to find out how you can achieve this success without much stress or rigorous processes with much efficiency and ease.


In this article, in addition to resolving how to connect a phone to TV with a USB, we shall be looking at some pertinent questions that are directly related to the topic.

The reason for looking at these other questions is so as to help us gather up the other issues that are related to the topic and further resolve them just like we would be doing to the topic in question.

These related issues may be misinterpreted to mean the same thing as the issue, but we will try our best to show you how different they may seem with it.



How Do I Connect My Phone To My TV Via USB Without HDMI?


Before we go on to look at how to connect phone to TV with usb, it is important that we consider how to connect your phone to TV with usb without HDMI. Most people tend to make their connections using HDMI cord simply because they do not know that you can simply do this with your USB cord.


How To Connect Phone To TV With USB


This is what we want to achieve with this article. We want you to understand that you do not need your HDMI equipments before you can successfully connect your phone to your TV.


Most TVs do not come with HDMI ports because the change in trends has made it quite easy for users to connect to the big screen through their mobile phones. Most mobile phones these days come with basic micro USB port, hence the need to forgo the age-long practice of getting HDMI additional cords just so you can connect your phone to your big screen. In other words, all you need now to connect to most TV sets are just your mobile phone, and USB cord. No more, no less. This is quite beneficial though.


What do I Need to Connect My Phone To TV With USB?


Before you get to know how to connect phone to TV with USB, you might want to find out what you need to be able to do this. We understand that most people may thing that just because we said ‘phone’ and ‘TV’ anything goes.

It is not that way or it does not apply to this issue, as there are specific requirements that should be met before one can successfully carry this out. These requirements will be discussed below shortly so go through them carefully:

  • When we talk about ‘phone’, we are not just talking about any type of phone. Most people feel that it is a general term for all kinds of mobile devices that have usb port.

This is not the case, as only a few selected mobile devices can actually do this. Fortunately, these devices are quite popular that most mobile phone users today actually use them.


Only Android phones with at least Android version 4.1 can actually be used for this purpose. This is because they are specifically built with the right capabilities that can actually facilitate this kind of operation.


  • Again, when we talk about ‘TV’, we are not just talking about any type of TV. It is understandable that most people will wonder if their televisions fall under the category that can actually perform this operation.

The good news is that most televisions these days can actually perform this task. What you have to be on the lookout for is for any television that is categorized as ‘Smart TV’. These are those kinds of television that are basically more advanced in various ways than the conventional box-like televisions. Owing to the fact that they are ‘smart’, they come with properties such as USB-supported features, which allow you to connect any USB-supported device to the television.


For you to see how you can finally connect phone to TV with usb, kindly follow the steps below:


  1. Connect the android smartphone to the micro usb port
  2. Connect the TV and the smartphone to the micro usb port
  3. On your phone, set the USB option to File transfer or MTP mode
  4. Open the TV media player by toggling through the home options
  5. Select which media you want like pictures, music or videos.



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