IPhone Data Recovery App – How To Recover Your Data From IOS Device


Are you searching for how to recover data or files from your iphone device? In this article, I will be sharing with you the best IPhone Data Recovery App. You can use these apps to recover files or documents from your iphone.


No matter how careful we are with our important data, there is always a tendency for us to lose them. So it is safe to say that losing our data or files at a point while using iPhone or any android is almost inevitable. For computers or androids, recovering lost data is quite simple as there are many options on how this can be done.


For IPhone users, the options are quite limited, making it a bit more difficult to recover lost data.  Nevertheless, this is no cause for alarm as we can still retrieve those data using the iPhone data recovery app.


What is IPhone Data Recovery App?


IPhone data recovery app is software that helps you recover your lost data in your IPhone. This is very important because they are many factors that can cause you to lose your important data. Some of these factors can be system errors, viruses, damage to the device, accidental deletion, and others.  A careful look at the factors listed will show you that you have little or no control over the things that can cause you to lose your data.


IPhone data recovery app


IPhone data recovery apps are very efficient because they will help you recover data that you thought was not retrievable. You should have in mind that all IPhone data recovery apps do not have the same efficiency rates.



The best IPhone Data Recovery App.


Recently, there are many IPhone data recovery apps available, but they differ in their functionality and data recovery efficiency. Whenever you want to choose your data recovery software, you should go for a reliable and compatible data tool that is very compatible with your phone, can be used easily, performs diverse functions, and which is also quite affordable.


However, I will quickly introduce you to a very efficient IPhone data recovery software that is very reliable and has been proven to be very efficient.


Premium IPhone Data Recovery App


These are mac and windows IPhone recovery software.


why you should buy the premium iOS recovery app.


You might be wondering what made them stand out amongst other recovery software available. Here are the distinguishing feature, which covers all you need.


IPhone data recovery app


  • This is a very good simple and effective iOS 13 Data Recovery Software for IPhone, iPad, iPod Touch on Win, and Mac. There is a huge emphasis on simplicity and effectiveness. You don’t want to get involved with recovery software that will be difficult for you to navigate, which is a good reason why you should always consider mac and windows iPhone recovery software.
  • This software enables you to recover your messages, contacts, WhatsApp, Viber, photos, notes, and more data in the easiest way possible.
  • You can directly recover your data from iOS devices, iTunes, or iCloud backups.
  • The most amazing part is that it enables you to selectively recover only the data you need.
  • It is very much compatible with the Latest iOS 13/iPadOS and iPhone 11/11 pro/XS/XS Max/XR



Reasons You Should Buy This IPhone Data Recovery App


  1. If you want to recover all your lost files or documents fast and efficient way. Then, this app is you.
  2. It works perfect no matter the size of the files or data you want to recover.
  3. The recovery size isn’t limited
  4. It Has Features of all other apps listed below combined.
  5. You can use the recovery app on windows or On MacBook laptop







Other iPhone Data Recovery Apps


  1. Disk drill 4

This is recommended for, ease of navigation, and locating deleted files.

It can retrieve missing data from some of your devices like Windows PCs, Mac OS, and iPhone.


  • You can recover data from your device internal disk
  • There is an available tool for data protection
  • You can recover data backed up to iTunes
  • It supports multiple file format
  • It supports many iOS devices
  • You can also recover data backed up to iCloud.


  • Disk drill supports over 400 file formats
  • It has an advanced user interface
  • The file previews are available


  • You cannot recover your data with the free version.



  1. Stellar Toolkit for iPhone

This is recommended for advanced data recovery. It can erase unwanted data. It is a data recovery tool for iPhones with an intuitive GUI.


  • It can recover file formats on storage media and windows.
  • You can recover up to 1GB of lost data from your iPhone for free.
  • You can recover deleted data from an encrypted drive.


  • It is very easy to use.
  • It helps for quick recovery and advanced scanning
  • It can import data from PC to iPhone
  • It can recover data from iTunes and iCloud backup.


  • Despite these great features, you won’t be able to save recovered files.


  1. Fone

This is very useful in the recovery of both iCloud and iPhone backup. This is very useful in recovering your missing pictures, images, texts, contacts.


  • It can support multiple file-formats including notes, text messages, voicemail, call history.
  • It will allow for a preview of backup files before restoration.
  • You can retrieve your password using Dr. Fone


  • It is easy to use
  • It enables HEIC photo recoveries from iCloud
  • You can recover data backed up to iCloud and iTunes.


  • You cannot recover data with the trial version
  • Although it recovers data, you should note that your data cannot be fully recovered.



  1. iMobie phone rescue

This software can recover about 31 different types of data.


  • enables data recovery from iPhone
  • you can recover data backed up to iTunes and iCloud
  • It has some restrictions and screen time passcode recovery.


  • It is easy to use.
  • Recovers call history and messages saved in HTML format.
  • It recovers files backed to encrypted iTunes.


  • It takes too long to scan.
  • You might not be able to recover iPhone videos.
  • It is only mainly able to recover data deleted accidentally.



  1. FoneLab

It has a simple interface and visible sidebar icons which makes the software easy to navigate.


  • You can easily recover lost or deleted data
  • It has iCloud backup restoration functionality
  • It has a detailed preview of lost data
  • It supports several IOS DEVICES.


  • it supports iOS 14
  • it is very easy to navigate
  • It aids recovery from third-party apps.


  • you cannot recover with the free version
  • There is a very limited option for customer support.


  1. Stellar

This data recovery software will help you recover deleted or lost data from your hard drives or USB drives. With this software, you can restore your email, audio, photos, videos, etc.


  • You can recover data from crashed systems.
  • You can recover unlimited file formats on Windows devices and storage media.
  • You can recover a deleted data from an encrypted drive.
  • It enables you create an image of a hard disk to enable speedy recovery.


  1. Joyoshare iPhone data recovery

This software retrieves any missing data through iTunes backup, iCloud backup, or oOS device directly.


  • Recovery of data through iTunes backup
  • Recovery of data through iCloud backup
  • It has a free trial version


  • You can retrieve more than 20 types of lost files at a fast rate.
  • You can recover your data via iDevice, iTunes, and iCloud backup.
  • It is compatible with iPhone 11 pro max and iOS 14.


                                Before you can output data locally, you need to unlock the recovery function.



  1. Tenorshare UltData

This data recovery software has multiple modes of recovery and supports multiple file formats and data types.


  • Enables data recovery straight from iTunes and backups and iPhone
  • Enables iOS system repair functionality
  • Supports thirty-five file formats.


  • It has a user friendly interface
  • It has tools for troubleshooting
  • It can preview files available before recovery.


  • It takes a very long time to scan
  • It cannot fully recover data.


  1. Fonepaw

This is good for recovering social media data applications. It makes recovering social media apps stored on your phone possible.


  • It enables you to recover data straight from your iPhone
  • Recovery of backup data from iCloud and iTunes.
  • It has support for thirty file formats
  • You can recovery from third-party apps.


  • It has an easy to use interface
  • It has a sidebar that displays scan progress
  • It enables social media data recovery.


  • Scanning takes too long
  • You can’t recover your data with the free version


  1. EaseUs MobieSaver

This IPhone recovery app enables you to recover most of your data for free.


  • you can recover all your lost or deleted data
  • preview is available before the recovery
  • it supports several file formats and data types


  • you can recover all kinds of data with the paid version
  • You can recover your data from iTunes or iCloud backup.
  • It supports iOS 14


  • With the free version, data recovery is limited.


  1. Enigma recovery

This iPhone recovery app enables you to restore or import data on iPhone.


  • Enables easy data export and restoration
  • Enables data possible export in multiple formats, including CSV, PDF, and XML
  • It is compatible with all iOS devices.


  • It has a simple to use interface
  • It is available for both Mac and Windows


  • It supports limited data types
  • Scanning takes too long.


  1. Primo iPhone Data Recovery

This enables you to recover data on multiple iOS devices.


  • It enables data recovery from multiple iOS devices
  • It provides support for twenty-five different types of data
  • It fixes the iOS issues or crash repair


  • it has an easy to use interface
  • it has a selective recovery feature
  • enables recovery from iCloud or iTunes backups


  • It does not support data recovery from apps like Wechat, Viber, Snapchat,

You cannot recover with the trial version




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Anytime you lose your data, quickly check out for premium IPhone data recovery app.

You will be able to retrieve those data.


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