MTN Cheat Codes 2022 For Free Browsing ( Enjoy Free 120GB Working Perfect )


Hello dear reader, today I will be sharing with you hot and latest MTN Cheat Codes 2022. It have been long we enjoyed free browsing cheat on MTN. Here it is again, this blog post has detailed things about MTN free browsing cheat 2022 and how you can enjoy them.



Do you know that you can save money for data by just dialing simple codes. Imagine free Internet and unlimited download. With these free MTN codes for free Internet you wouldn’t worry about data again.








I have taken my time to test the cheats and know if they are working. O yes! It is still working perfect, all the cheats posted on this blog is tested. We do test it before posting it, as of the time this article is published. All the cheats are working fine and good. Join thousands of other people to enjoy free Internet.






Receive Free Internet Update very fast





NOTE: This Post have been updated with the Latest working cheat 👇👇👇👇



How To Enjoy 30GB Free Data On MTN Nigerian


This cheating have been on for a while. It is totally free and available for everybody. One good thing of this free data on MTN, you don’t need vpn to activate it.


Thanks to Victor, you brought the cheat for my notice. I have tested the cheat and it is working fine. It is very simple to activate, follow our get below and get 30gb Free data on MTN.




Below are what you need to get MTN 30gb mifi cheat working.

  • An Android phone running on v5.0 or v5.1 Lollipop (ROOTED)
  • A new MTN Sim
  • MTK engineering tool for changing IMEI – Download here
  • IMEI analyzer – Download here
  • IMEI Generator – Download here



How To Activate Free Data On MTN – Enjoy 30GB Using IMEI Tweak


  1. Firstly, tweak this imei 86773803075****.
  2. Proceed Copy and paste the imei number into the imei generator app you downloaded.
  3. Now click generate, it will generate some imei numbers.
  4. Copy and paste the generated imei numbers on IMEI analyzer app, that you downloaded using the link above.
  5. Now make sure that the IMEI have been analyzed and it is correct before proceeding to Tweak.
  6. Once your IMEI number have been confirmed. Next step, change your phone’s IMEI.
  7. Launch the MTK Engineer tool and enter your valid IMEI you generated.
  8. If you don’t know how to change your phone IMEI number click Here. After changing it, come back and continue from the next step.
  9. After Tweaking, apply airplane mode on & off for the changes to take effect.
  10. To confirm if the Tweaking is successful, please dial *#06#.
  11. If you have successfully tweaked the IMEI, then you have to call MTN customer care agent on 180.
  12. Don’t be afraid and don’t stammer.
  13. Now the MTN agent will credit credit you 30GB free data.


How To Change Your Phone IMEI Number


  • Launch the MTK engineering app and click on “engineering mode”.
  • Now a page will pop up, select the engineering mode (MTK) option.
  • A new page will open, now swipe right to open the connectivity page mobile uncle or mtk engineering mode app.
  • Choose “CDS information” option.
  • Click on “radio information” on the new page that will pop up.
  • A page will come up for those using two Sims, if your phone is using one sim card you wouldn’t see this option. If you are using dual sim, chose your preferred sim card to change IMEI number. Note that Phone 1 is Sim 1 while phone 2 is Sim 2.
  • In this tutorial, I will choose sim one.
  • Take your cursor after the AT+ and type this EGMR=1,7,””
  • Now type in the IMEI number you want to tweak with quotation “ “. Check and make sure it is 15 digits number. If so, click on send command option.
  • A message will show you that your command have been sent.
  • Now you can, turn your phone airplane mode on for 5 seconds, then turn it on. Dial *#06# to confirm your IMEI tweak.
  • Congratulations, your IMEI is now effective.


After tweaking your IMEI number, go to “How To Activate Free Data On MTN – Enjoy 30GB Using IMEI Tweak “ – Section above and continue from step 9.



How To Activate 5gb Data For N1000 On MTN

MTN Free Data 2022 – Enjoy 700MB mpulse Data Plan

MTN Free Data Code 2022 : MTN Free 120GB Browsing Code ( 100% Working)

MTN My Offer 1GB for 200 Naira And 1.5GB For 300 Naira

MTN Free Data Cheat 2022, Enjoy Free 1000GB Now –100℅ Perfect



Activate your full 30GB data with IMEI tweaking, enjoy 30GB mifi free data. Thanks to Victor for update.



MTN Free Data N100 For 1GB


Hey guys, MTN cheat is back again let’s enjoy this free browsing cheat now that it is still on. In this article I will be showing you how to enjoy 1GB for just N100. The sad news is, the cheat is selection. I have written a cool guide to check eligibility and know if you are qualified.



How To Check Eligibility


  • Make sure you don’t have up to N100 credit in your phone.
  • Now dial *131*100#
  • You will be asked to accept auto renewal or to subscribe once as shown in the pop up menu.
  • Kindly, accept the offer that you want. If you get an insufficient balance reply you are eligible or a message like this “Y’ello! You are not eligible for this offer. Please dial *131*1# to buy other data bundles. Thank you”
  • If eligible go ahead recharge N100 airtime and get it activated.



How To Activate Free Data On MTN 2022 – Enjoy 1GB For N100


Now let’s get the data activated….

  • Recharge N100 airtime/Credit
  • Now dial *131*100# to subscribe
  • The given data is valid for one month.
  • To check your balance dial *131*4#


Congratulations enjoy free data on your MTN sim. Please don’t forget to share with friends. If the cheat didn’t work for you, checkout other cheats below, they are working fine.




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Latest MTN Free Browsing Cheat 2022 Working Perfect



Here is the trending and another opportunity to enjoy free data from MTN. This cheat is tested and approved. It is 100% working although it selects sim cards.


Although this cheat is capped to 50mb, so I will be showing you how you can enjoy this new MTN free browsing cheat.


MTN free browsing cheat



  • Download 24clan VPN CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD 
  • Install the application and open.
    Once it is open, select MTN 0.0k Free server.
  • Now click on connect button and enjoy free Internet once it is connected.
  • Now that it is connected, minimize and enjoy your free 50mb days.



Latest MTN Free Browsing Cheat 2022 With Tweakware VPN


  • Download Tweakware CLICK HERE, Install and open it.
  • Navigate to Settings > Custom Tweak > and apply the following settings:

Connection Mode: HTTP
Server Port: 8080
Host Header:
Don’t tick Reverse Proxy
Proxy Host:
Proxy Port: 8080

Don’t touch other settings

  • Return back to the homepage and select any free server from the custom box. Now click on connect and enjoy free Internet with your tweakware VPN.


Remember to share with friends and family, continue visiting for more free browsing cheat update.




MTN Cheat Codes



Follow our steps below to enjoy….



How To Activate MTN Cheat Codes For Unlimited Internet 2022



Here are steps to activate latest MTN free browsing cheat

  • N100  gives 250MB/3days.  Dial *131*65*1#
  • N200 gives 1gb/7days.  Dial *131*65*2#
  • N1000 gives 4gb/30days. Dial *131*65*3#


To check if you are qualified dial *131*65#. This cheat is called welcome back activation pack, with it you can enjoy 5GB with N1000 naira.

This cheat is still working and it cost little, I am enjoying it so you can join me. Please share this article with your family and friends, use the social media button to share. Keep visiting for more cheats.



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MTN Free Browsing Cheat Using 24clan VPN


This is very simple and easy, you can enjoy MTN free data using 24clan VPN. Are you wondering how you will do it?

Don’t worry it is very simple, below is a run down of how you can enjoy free data on your MTN sim.



  • An android phone.
  • Active MTN sim with zero data and credit ( airtime).


Here is How to set it up…


Download 24clan VPN CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD  , install and open it.
Proceed by clicking on the server section. Select MTN 0.0kb free server and click on CONNECT.

Once it is connected, congratulations you can now enjoy free browsing on your MTN sim. You may face connection issues due to many users on MTN cable.



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MTN Free Browsing Cheat Using AnonyTun VPN



Have you tried the MTN cheat codes we shared above and none worked for you. Then you need to use this one. This hack is working perfect, enjoy unlimited Internet with it.



• An android phone.
• Active MTN sim card.
• Network Default APN setting.
• Download AnonyTun VPN CLICK HERE 



Here is how you will set the VPN up for free Internet

• After launching the VPN, click on stealth setting.
• Select stealth tunnel to be On.
• Change connection protocol to TCP.
• Set connection port to 80
• Click on edit TCP or HTTPS header
• Set URL/host to
• Choose request method to GET
• Set injection Method to NORMAL
• In the header tick the following: User Agent, keep-Alive, online host.
• Now you are done, click on generate and save your settings.
• At the home page, select USA ( United States) as your region. Click connect, once it is connected. Enjoy unlimited browsing and download.


Very simple, now you can enjoy free browsing. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family.



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Free MTN Cheat Codes For Unlimited Download : Enjoy 120GB



MTN Cheat Codes


To enjoy MTN social data for free. Using all the social media platform at zero cost, dial *131*5*7*1#. This cheat is working perfect, as of the time this post was published.
Here is how you can check your free data on MTN social pack balance. Dial *559#, it will be displayed on your screen or sent to you as text message.


This one is hot and blazing, with this cheat you can enjoy 120GB.

To activate it dial *131#
Then Select 7
Select 5
Select 1

Then continue and add your phone number, make sure you add +234 at the front. Example +23481000000.


You will receive a message that shows that it was unsuccessful. Don’t listen to that, proceed and check your data balance, dial *131*4# or send 2 to 131 as message.







Receive Free Internet Update very fast






No browsing cheat works for ever, if any if the MTN Cheat Codes 2022 For Free Browsing didn’t work for you. You can checkout other cheats on my blog, CLICK HERE. If it did work for you, congratulations don’t forget to share this article with friends. Use the social media icon to share on Facebook and twitter.


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