Airtel 20x Bonus Code 2021 [ Updated 100% Working ]


Airtel 20x bonus code 2021 is a cheat code created by airtel telecommunication network for old subscribers. This allows you enjoy 20 times of normal Recharge.


This trick works fine on old Airtel sim. If you have a sim that have not been active for like 2 months now: No calls ( incoming and outgoing calls), no sms. Then you are qualified to enjoy this offer.






Receive Free Internet Update very fast



Like I said before that this trick works fine for old Airtel sim. All you need to do is get an Airtel sim and try this cheat out.






NEW 👇👇👇👇👇👇



Airtel Free Data 6GB For N1500



Hey guys, I will be showing you new way that you can enjoy Airtel 6GB data at cheap rate. This offer have been on though got blocked due to one of another reason. But I am glad to announce to you that it is available now, you can enjoy free data on your Airtel sim card for free.




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This cheat is for selected customers, works well on new Airtel sim cards. Mostly sim not up to 3 months old. If yours is above that check eligibility using the following method..


How To Check Eligibility


This offer is not available for every Airtel user, to check if you are eligible here is what to do…


  • Please be sure you don’t have up to N1500 in your account.
  • Proceed and dial the following code to subscribe, *141*1504# to subscribe.
  • Now you will get a responses telling you that you don’t have sufficient airtime to enjoy the offer “ dear customer you do not have sufficient credit to enjoy this offer. Please recharge and try again later”
  • But if you are not eligible, the message will be opposite “ You are not eligible for this offer” then know that your sim is not qualified. If your sim is qualified congratulations, let’s proceed.


How To Enjoy Airtel 6GB For N1500


  • Make sure you have up to N1500 airtime in your phone. If not recharge N1500 and dial the following code to activate it. Dial *141*1504# and get you’re awoof 6GB data.
  • To check your data balance please dial *140#
  •  The given data is valid for 7 days.


Hope this Airtel free data cheat worked for you, yeah many are enjoying it now. Use the share button to tell friends about it. Keep visiting for new free browsing cheats.



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Airtel 4.6GB For N200 Working Perfect


Airtel cheat code



This is a new chest that’s around now. This browsing cheat can be accumulated to get your desired data plan. The given data is valid for 3 months, this means that you can enjoy your data for 3 months. There is no VPN required for you to activate this cheat. The activation feels required is N200.



How To Check If You Sim Is Qualified For This Cheat


For you to check if you are eligible for this cheat. Make sure that your Sim card is more than 3 months from the date of registration. To check the date you registered your Sim card dial *746#. The date will be shown to you.


Once you have N200 airtime follow the steps below to activate you free browsing cheat on your Airtel sim.


How To activate Airtel 4.6GB For N200


The steps to activate this cheat is very simple, follow the guide below to activate it by yourself.


  • Buy Airtel credit, please don’t use vtu or buy from online platform.
  • Use this code to recharge it *126*PIN#.
    You will be given 4.6GB data to enjoy as free data bonus.
  • Given data is valid for 30 days, to check your balance dial *140# .



How To Accumulate Airtel N200 For 4.6GB


To accumulate the data,

  • Buy another Airtel credit / Airtime. The credit should be N200.
  • Recharge it using *126*PIN#.
  • By doing that you will be given another 4.6GB, keep doing it and get the data accumulated.


I hope the cheat worked for you, it worked for me. Make sure you use a Sim card more than 3 months old.



NOTE: We update each post on this website weekly with recent and working cheap. So, I advice you to keep visiting and stay tuned. Very soon we will be creating telegram channel where we can notify you if new browsing cheats.




Airtel 20x Bonus Code Working Perfectly



The following are various ways you can double your airtel credit and data. Follow the steps below to enjoy awoof on every day and recharge.


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How To Enjoy airtel 20x bonus code 2021


For you to enjoy this airtel free cheat, dial the following codes and choose the ones you want to subscribe to.


Make sure you are eligible for the plan ( I mean to have sufficient credit to enjoy the plan)


To Activate your extra 20X bonus


Dial Dial *241# and select your preferred plan or use the following USSD short code to subscribe


Airtel 20x bonus code

Airtel 20x bonus code


For N100 dial *241*100#

For N200 dial *241*200#

For N300 dial *241*300#

For N500 dial *241*500#

For N1,000 dial *241*1000#


If you have subscribed to any of the above plan then you will receive 20X of your normal Recharge. This bundle package is valid for 30 days. To check your balance dial *223#.


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How To Enjoy Airtel Double Data 2021


I am sharing this cheat here for you to try out if Airtel 20x Bonus Code 2021. You can enjoy double of your normal data subscription. Here is the trick to enjoy unlimited browsing on your airtel sim.


For you to enjoy this airtel free browsing cheat


Dial *144# and select your preferred data plan or alternatively select any of the following code for the bundle you are eligible to enjoy.


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Dial *496# to enjoy 3GB for #1000

Dial *466*161# to enjoy 5GB for #1500

Dial *437# to enjoy 7GB for #2000

Dial *438*1# to enjoy 18GB for #4000


I just hope that they have not removed the data plan. I enjoyed it for sometime and moved back to my MTN unlimited sim. I decided to include it in airtel 20x bonus code 2021 for you to try it out.


How To Activate Airtel 20X Win Back Recharge Bonus


This airtel 20X bonus is only for airtel and eligible people are prepaid sim users. So if you don’t have prepaid sim try get one to enjoy 20X bonus to every recharge card.


Note:That your sim card must be inactive for 30 days that’s for one month. This implies that for 30 days that there will be no incoming or out going calls and messages.


If you are qualified, now proceed to enjoy 20X bonus on every recharge.


How to Activate


Use this Airtel 20x Bonus Code : *241# , remember to select your preferred plan to enjoy extra 20X value of normal Recharge card amount.





You can use any of these short codes

N100 dial *241*100#

N200 dial*241*200#

N300 dial *241*300#

N500 *241*500#

N1,000 *241*1000#



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Receive Free Internet Update very fast




Final Words On Airtel 20x Bonus Code 2021


I hope that one of the tricks above worked for you? If so, just smile because is your luck. With Airtel 20x Bonus Code you don’t bother yourself about airtel 10x bonus code and airtel 6x bonus code.




Use the social media below to share with friends. Don’t forget, visit this blog regularly for Free Browsing Cheat update.

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