Best Airtel Free Internet Tricks For Android 2021 [ 60GB Free ]


Here are best Airtel Free Internet Tricks For Android 2021, enjoy free browsing on Airtel Telecommunication network.


In this article I will be sharing with you airtel free internet code 2021. The cheats shared below are tested and approved. Enjoy new Free Internet Tricks On Airtel.






Receive Free Internet Update very fast




To avoid making mistakes, scroll to your respective part and enjoy free browsing.


NOTE: No cheat is 100% sure, because the telecommunication company can realise an offer and block the cheat.






The cheats shared here are tested and approved. So if any didn’t work for you. It is not our fault, kindly try another cheat.



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Airtel 4.6GB For N200 Working Perfect (Free Internet Tricks On Airtel)



Airtel cheat code



This is a new chest that’s around now. This browsing cheat can be accumulated to get your desired data plan. The given data is valid for 3 months, this means that you can enjoy your data for 3 months. There is no VPN required for you to activate this cheat. The activation feels required is N200.



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How To Check If You Sim Is Qualified For This Cheat


For you to check if you are eligible for this cheat. Make sure that your Sim card is more than 3 months from the date of registration. To check the date you registered your Sim card dial *746#. The date will be shown to you.


Once you have N200 airtime follow the steps below to activate you free browsing cheat on your Airtel sim.



How To activate Airtel 4.6GB For N200 – Free Internet Tricks On Airtel


The steps to activate this cheat is very simple, follow the guide below to activate it by yourself.


  • Buy Airtel credit, please don’t use vtu or buy from online platform.
  • Use this code to recharge it *126*PIN#.
    You will be given 4.6GB data to enjoy as free data bonus.
  • Given data is valid for 30 days, to check your balance dial *140# .



How To Accumulate Airtel N200 For 4.6GB


To accumulate the data,

  • Buy another Airtel credit / Airtime. The credit should be N200.
  • Recharge it using *126*PIN#.
  • By doing that you will be given another 4.6GB, keep doing it and get the data accumulated.


I hope the cheat worked for you, it worked for me. Make sure you use a Sim card more than 3 months old.



NOTE: We update each post on this website weekly with recent and working cheap. So, I advice you to keep visiting and stay tuned. Very soon we will be creating telegram channel where we can notify you if new browsing cheats.





Latest Airtel Free Internet Tricks For Android 2021



The Free Internet Tricks On Airtel works well in the country that their various country.





How To Enable Airtel Download Pack At Cheap Rate 2021



Airtel download pack is a plan designed for heavy data users. This data plan works on any type of device and it is valid for a day ( 24 hours ).


Airtel download pack work perfect on 3G and 4G sims.


To Activate This Airtel 1gb 3G/4G Data Free


  • To Activate This download bundle you need to have minimum of N350 in your account balance. If you don’t have, recharge up to that amount.
  • Now, dial *141*354# for activate the plan on your airtel sim.
  • The data received is available for Use in the next 24 hours ( 1 day )
  • To check your data balance, dial *140#.


Don’t forget that this Airtel Free Internet Tricks For Android 2021 works fine on all device. Enjoy unlimited Free browsing.


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Airtel Triple Data Value : Enjoy Triple Of Your Data Bundle For Free.


If you wondering how one can enjoy Airtel Free Browsing cheat 2021. Here is one, imagine buying 1GB plan and getting it tripled to 3GB.


You are enjoying, triple if the normal value data plan.


How to activate this Airtel Free Internet Tricks 2021



Use an airtel sim not less than 3 months old or buy a new Airtel Sim.

Send Get to 141 using normal phone sms.

Send MIFI to 141 as text message, always do this before subscribing to your normal data bundle that you want to triple.


Ignore messages that you will receive after that. Proceed to buy a data plan, when burying data plan select option one which includes Airtel Free surf.


Be careful don’t select the second option which is stop data plan option.


Once you have followed the steps above. Congratulations, you have successfully tripled you normal value data bundle.



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For Shortcuts To subscribe For Airtel Free Data 2021 –  Free Internet Tricks On Airtel



Dial *141*500# , you must have minimum of N500 to activate this plan. You will enjoy 750mb x3 = 2.2GB with other airtel free data bonus. This offer is valid for 14 days.


Dial *141*1000#, to activate this plan. You need minimum of N1000 airtime in your balance. This plan gives 1.5GB x3 = 4.5GB and other free data bonus. The given data is available for use in the next 30 days.


Dial *141*2000# , to activate this plan. You need minimum of N2000 airtime in your balance. This plan gives 3.5GB x3 = 10.5GB and other free data bonus. This offer is valid for 30 Days.


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How To Enjoy Airtel Free Internet Tricks For Android – Airtel Binge Plan


To Enjoy Airtel Binge 2GB for N500 and 1GB for N350, it is very simple.


Follow the procedures below to activate.


Make sure you have the required amount in your airtel sim or recharge it.


  • Now, dial *141#
  • Select 3 which is binge plan
  • Choose the plan you want to subscribe to.
  • The data given is valid for 24 hours.
  • Dial *140# to check your data balance.


So simple, to enjoy airtel free internet. Now use the comment box below to share your mind with me ( what do you think?)



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How To Get Free Internet On Airtel Sim 2021 ( Airtel 23GB for N1000 and 4.6GB For N200 )


It is simple to activate. Follow the steps below to enjoy 4.6GB for N200


Send GET to 141 as text message.


You will receive a message saying, that you can enjoy 100% data bonus any time.


If you have received the kind of message above. Then airtel N200 recharge card. Load it using the following format *143*recharge card pin#.


In a speed of light, you will get 4.6GB data. Enjoy awoof data.


This airtel data cheat bonus lasts for 3 days.


To check your bonus data balance, *223# .


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How to Activate 23GB For N1000



For you to enjoy 23GB data for N1000. All you need to do, is keep on using the steps above to activate 4.6GB for N200.


Repeat the steps continuously, and accumulate the data. You need to recharge 5 times.


To check your data balance dial *223#.


This airtel free data 2021 is valid for 3 days. Enjoy free browsing cheat, don’t be greed; share with friends.






Airtel Free Internet Tricks For Android 2021


Free Browsing Cheat 2021



  • Download and install Wynk Application CLICK HERE 
  • After installation of the app, then run it. Make sure you have active data plan for this step.
  • Create account with Wynk app, click on Account then try free.
  • Choose Wynk Freedom Plan, this will make the application free for you to use.
  • Now download Droid VPN Click Here
  • Now connect you net to APN :
  • Now find advance setting locate FinD Parent Proxy.
  • Set your parent proxy to IP:, Port: 3128
  • Click on connect to TCP 443 port.


Congratulations, you can now enjoy airtel free internet code.


Remember that this free browsing cheat works well in India especially at Haryana, Delhi and North states of India.


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Airtel Free Data 2021 : Trick 2 – Free Internet Tricks On Airtel



If the first cheat didn’t work for you. Don’t bother much, here is another opportunity to try out this cheat.


  • Download Droid VPN CLICK HERE
  • Sign up with your active email address.
  • After sign up proceed to locate the setting.
  • Choose protocol > select TCP, then click on Proxy Settings as >> Enable.
  • Add Proxy Server as >>, set Port as >> 3128.

In your https reader enter any of the following.





Now select any of the free server and enjoy free browsing.






Receive Free Internet Update very fast




Final Words On Airtel Free Internet Tricks For Android


I believe that you have Learnt ways that you can enjoy airtel free internet code 2021.



If you need working Free Internet Tricks On Airtel 2021. I advice you to subscribe or visit this blog daily for update.



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