Free High Paying Money Making Apps In Ghana 2021 ( Review From Experience )


Are you searching for free money making apps in ghana 2021?


If so, Then you are at the right place.

I will be sharing with you top money making apps that are compatible and good for Ghanaians.


I have been using most of the apps, this article contains my experience while using them.


These money making apps will help you to make money online. If you are a student, youth or working class.


Then, you can use any of the app to making money online from home in Ghana 2021. Earn to upgrade you income ( increase your revenue).


The beauty of these money making app for Ghanaians, is that you can make money from your comfort.


By reading this article, you will learn how to make money online from home. You don’t need an office or anything else expect your phone with internet access.


If you Are the type that wastes a lot of time on social media. Don’t worry, this article will teach you how to make money while online.


Don’t forget that you can make money posting news on Facebook.


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The fact is that, there is no shortcut to make money online in Ghana using apps.

Every app that Ghanaians use to earn money online has rules that one will follow to earn the money.


So I advice you to read and understand how the app works. Keep reading : How Money Making Apps In Ghana Works

Don’t be scared, all the apps I want to show you today are tested and they are really good (pays well)


Top Money Making Apps In Ghana 2021 – My Experience Using Them


My review of each app is base on experience I have had while using them.


Listed below are apps found in Google playstore. Do well to download anyone from there and try out.


Note: As the time of writing this review. The apps reviewed are legit and free, company or owner might decide to change it terms and conditions ( or how it works).

This article on Money Making Apps In Ghana will be updated regularly to keep you informed. If my team notice change in any of the apps. Subscribe to get more updates on free earning apps in Ghana.


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Surveys On Go – Money Making App In Ghana


If you want to make money in Ghana using apps.

Then you should take advantage of this app. Surveys on Go is a company that allows you complete a required task and get paid.


Unlike other surveys platform that pays in points, but survey on Go pays cash.


Though there is limited number of survey that one can have in a month.


You can Download the app from playstore. Register, take a survey and earn.


Square Point of Sale: Money Making Apps In Ghana


Square point of scale is among genuine Money Making App In Ghana that have been in existence.


How can I Make Money From It?


Square point of scale is an app that allows you to receive credit card from people.

The app itself might not generate money, but you can wipe it and accumulate some credit cards. One good thing is that you can sell all of them.


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Uber or Lyft: Make Money App


Uber as we all know is a transport company that provides lifts to customers. The company built an app that can connect drivers to customers and vice versa.


How To make money From Uber App


It is simple, making money is easy as a driver. If you have a car in good condition, then you can apply. Follow the process involved and start working with the company as a driver.

Uber app will connect you as a driver to customers. Thereby, increasing your revenue. And you get paid in Ghana currency.

Uber is a legit and trusted company that is why I have listed it among top Money Making Apps In Ghana.

The app is free, download it from playstore or from their official website. Happy money making in Ghana.


Ebates : Money Making Apps In Ghana 2021


I don’t really know much about Ebates app, till I started my research for this blog post.

When I saw it, I called a friend, who is also a digital marketer. Requesting for his review


Guess what?

What I heard from him shocked me. I was so angry with him, because I have been missing a lot.

So I will be dropping a review of Ebates money making app, base on my friend “Mark” experience

Mark told me that he used this app at the beginning of this year ( February 2019)

According to Mark, it is a coupon app


How does it Work?


Speaking from his experience.

When you buy something from this app. It saves you few penny by returning some back.

Wonderful, isn’t it?

Imagine getting a percentage of the money you spent purchasing a product.

It is really cool and amazing.

Note: If you are looking for apps that will make you millions. This is not a good app. Why not? Try how to make money online as a teenager or Youth In Ghana. And see how you can make millions in days.

Or this lucrative business, “how to start Your Data Reselling Business With 5$.”

Ebates app is cool, explore it and save few penny when purchasing a product. The sense is, you can actually accumulate it to huge amount .

This app is available at playstore, just search for the name “Ebates”.

Keep reading : Genuine Money Making Apps In Ghana.


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eBay Money Making App


I am sure 70% of people reading this article have heard of eBay.

I will explain the meaning of eBay to help others that don’t know the meaning understand.


What is eBay?


eBay is an e-commerce site, that actually allow people to buy and sell just like Jumia.

But there is one interesting thing about eBay that actually make it different from other e-commerce site.

eBay allows you to sell your old stuffs be it small or good.


What do I mean?


At eBay you can sell your old clothes, electronic gadgets, etc.



How To Use eBay Money Making App In Ghana


Download eBay app from Playstore and register.

Registration is free, it doesn’t require any fee or charges.

Now I believe you have created an account. If you have not done it, do so.

Get your goods ( old stuffs) that you want to sell listed.

Wait till someone purchase it. Then the product will be shipped to the person.

I advice you to trade locally on eBay because shipping of items can be frustrating.

eBay is listed among our list of high paying money making apps in Ghana because of the reputation that they have gained over years.



Etsy: Money Making App in Ghana


I know this is the first time you are hearing of Esty app.
It is one of the best money making apps designed for artist.

This app gives you opportunity to sell your art work. If you are good in painting, craft work, designing, drawing etc then Esty is an app created for you to make few bucks from your passion.

Though Esty is a popular app in USA but I listed it among top money making apps in Ghana because it allows you control listing, orders and personal account.

If you good in art work try using Esty app today and make money online in Ghana.


Make Money App


Are finding it difficult to make money online from home in Ghana.

Then this app “make money” is for you.

This app helps to educate its users, on steps to make money online in Ghana from home.

I wouldn’t say fully that Make Money app is a money making App in Ghana 2021.

But I felt that it is necessary to include it.

Because it will help you find other opportunities that you can explore on the internet as a Ghanaian. This app will teach you how to run a youtube channel and make money from it.


This app also list jobs opportunities available in Ghana. These jobs are job that you can do comfortably from home.


You can download the Money Making app From Google playstore, it is free.


Keep reading how list of Money Making Apps In Ghana.


PayPal: Money Making App in Ghana 2021


Paypal… Paypal.. Paypal

Ouch, is just used for online transactions.

How Will I Make Money From It?

No doubt, PayPal is used for transactions.

Here is Hack to make money from it?

Before I go on you must have PayPal account. If you don’t chat me up on whatsapp with +2348104128059. I can create one for you at cheap rate, not for free.

If you have PayPal account, now check the dollar equivalent in your currency.

Now you can buy PayPal fund at cheap rate in your local currency. Store them and sell when dollar increases or sell to others at high rate.

One disadvantage of this method is that many people are ready to scam you in the name of PayPal fund seller, so be careful.

I don’t advice you to store fund in your PayPal account, because it can get limited.

Now you have seen the reasons why I listed PayPal as one of the best money making apps in Ghana.




Final Words On Money Making App in Ghana 2021


You must have gone through our list of High Paying Money Making Apps In Ghana. You can take advantage of one, and start making money online in Ghana.

I will advice you to make personal research on any of those money making apps in Ghana that you are interested in.




Because the company ( owner of the app ) can change their terms and conditions.




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