How To Make Money Online As A Teenager In Ghana


how to make money online as a teenager in ghana. Are wondering on how to make money online as a student or youth in Ghana. I will be sharing in details all you need to make money online in Ghana.

Note that I will be sharing with you, tested and approved method that you can make money online in Ghana. These are legitimate ways that you can make money online.

The internet is taking over the activities of the day. Now it is possible to make money online in Ghana from your comfort. One good thing about these jobs is that it is timeless. You can work from anywhere in the world. Your work is not seasoned..

I will advice you o make extra research on any online business or job before you join them. Funny to say, that many people have joined online money making platform and end up wasting their time and money.

Many people are using online business to enrich themselves at expense of others. For you not to be a victim of thing, make thorough research on the online platform before working with them.

Learn how to work online and get paid through mobile money in ghana

How To Make Money Online As A Student In Ghana

Below are online jobs in ghana that pay through mobile money


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Mini Importation Business

Over years the rate that people buy things online have increased. Now you don’t need a shop to sell goods online.

Mini importation business is one of the ways you can make money online as a teenager in Ghana. You don’t need huge capital to start the business.

What is Mini Importation Business About ?

Mini importation business is a process of importing goods e.g clothes, electric appliances etc from other countries to your own country.

Many products you see around are sold at cheap rate in developed or advance countries. Example: imagine importing a product from china that cost $4 with shipping fee, selling it $15 and above in Ghana.

Many of those wears are sold cheap by the manufacturer. If you can take advantage of this opportunity, surely money will come your way.

Import your product of you choice at cheap rate, sell and make your money.


Over 2 years I have been online making money as a blogger. Blogging is one of the easiest way to make money online as a student or teenager. It allows you to make maximum use of your time.

Blogging is lucrative when you pick the right niche. Blog on the area of your interest, though it take time to mature. If you are interested in blogging, navigate to or get hosting plan from any hosting company. I recommend Namecheap, their services are reliable and there is no downtime.


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Affiliate Marketing

You might have heard of affiliate marketing but I will be talking about it in a different perspective.

Affiliate marketing is a situation or a way that you promote another person’s product and gets a commission when someone purchases through you.

You can discuss with product owner on percentage he will offer you per sell.


A freelance is someone that offers or renders services to others online. A writer, graphic designer can make money online by rendering his or her services to people. Help them write articles, design logo etc.


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Social Media Management

Here is a cool job and it is not time consuming. As a social media manager, a company hires you to manage their social media pages. Help then get social online presence and grow their business.

As a social media strategist you can run Facebook, instagram or Twitter advert for you client. You optimize their advert to yield maximum gain.

Online Survey

You can make cool cash through online survey.


They are many companies that roll out surveys on their various products. Here customers gets to review their products.

Their aim of doing this, is to increase their user experience and give their customers the best.

Though they many surveys out there but it various country by country.

What am I saying?

Some company surveys are not meant for Ghanaians. So if you take such survey, you wouldn’t be paid.

Now, it ls on you to make research and find online surveys for Ghanaians.

Final Words On How To Make Money Online As A Teenager In Ghana

They are so many opportunities at the internet for Ghanaian students/teenagers that you can use to make money online.

I will advice you to make research thoroughly before using any platform. It will help you understand how the system works.

I believe that I have made given you clear guide on How To Make Money Online As A Teenager In Ghana.

Enjoy money making.

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