Unlimited Airtel Free Data Bonus [ Latest Free Browsing Cheat ]

Unlimited Airtel Free Data Bonus for all subscribers.


I will be sharing a simple hack for you to enjoy airtel free data cheat. This blog post contains compilation of airtel free data code. After long research, and I found what that works.


I have decided to share with my wonderful readers. All you need to do, try any method or trick that works for you. Then, enjoy browsing for free on your airtel sim.



No cheat has 100% assurance that it works.



The telecommunication computer will block the cheat once they notice that is exist.

Free Browsing cheats exist because of loopholes that exists. We make use of those loopholes by creating free browsing cheat code that helps us to enjoy free data ( unlimited browsing).



Airtel Free Data Bonus

Airtel Free Data Bonus




Airtel Free Data Bonus 100% Working



The following are working airtel data cheat 2019, follow the steps and activate it.


How To Get 250MB Free Data On Every Recharge


Follow the steps below to activate this airtel free browsing cheat 2019. Enjoy 250 MB for free.


  • Check your average weekly recharge by dialing *479#.
  • Proceed by recharging your account to meet the weekly average recharge.
  • If you have completed the steps above, you will receive 250 MB to browse and download. This data is for free, you are not charged for it.
  • To check your airtel free data bonus, dial *140# and view your balance.

The enabled data works well in all device: Android, PC, and BlackBerry. You can use it to surf the internet and enjoy downloading.


You can do this continuously and get the data accumulated. Enjoy airtel free data cheat.


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How To Activate Airtel 4GB with 25% For 3 Months


Here is another airtel free browsing cheat. This trick allows you to enjoy free 25% data and extra 4GB to browse and download. This cheat works well in 4 G sim cards.


For you to activate this free airtel 4gb data you need 4g sim and a mobile device that has enabled 4g. Without these requirements you can’t activate the cheat.


The good news is that once you activate this cheat. Then, you can enjoy it using any device, be it 3g or 2g enabled mobile phone



Steps To Activate Airtel Free Data Bonus



Follow the procedures below to enable you Airtel free browsing cheat.


Now check if the device you are using is 4g enabled device. Simply dial *121# on your airtel sim



navigate to your phone mobile data setting.

Locate “MORE” then click on it.

Choose mobile network.

Click on preferred mobile network option. You will see various options available for this device. Select 4G option.

Once your device is on 4G/LTE option. You will receive a message from Airtel that your have been credited with 4GB free data for trial and you will enjoy 25% free bonus by activating any data plan from N500 and above.


Now you can enjoy 4GB with 25% bonus all for free. Sharing this airtel data bonus with family and friends.


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Airtel Free Data Cheat : Enjoy Free 1GB Monthly



If the above cheat didn’t work for you. Now, you can try this airtel data bundle cheat for android.


With this data cheat bonus you will enjoy free 1GB Monthly.


Here is how to activate it…


Make sure your tariff plan is on Airtel RechargePlus, if not migrate to it.


Now, if you have taken above step. Recharge your airtel sim and dial *479# to unlock your 250 MB which will be allocated to you weekly. 4 weeks of 250 MB is 1GB.


This Airtel Free Data Bonus is all for free. Try it out, let us know the outcome using the comment box below.


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How To Activate Airtel Free Data


Enjoy free browsing at low rate on your Airtel Sim.


Dial *400# to reduce your browsing rate to 1kobo/sec this results to charge of N1/MB to as low as 20kobo/MB.



Weekend Plan: How To enjoy Free 1GB Every Weekend


This offer starts from 12 am every Saturday to 11:59 pm every Sunday.


To Activate dial *475# twice. This will not in a way interfere with your active data plan.


So use this simple trick to enjoy Airtel Free Data Bonus every weekend. Remember to share this airtel free data cheat with others.


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Final Words On Airtel Data Bonus


I have shared Airtel Free Data Bonus, which are working prefect. I tested all the cheats before sharing them with you.



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Use the comment box below to let me know your mind as well.

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