Airtel Free Data Code [ Working Perfectly ]: Cheat Codes For Airtel 3g

Cheat Codes For Airtel 3g : Maybe you have seen a lot of Airtel Free Data Code, which are not working. Don’t worry, I got your back. After a long research, I found out 100% sure working Airtel Free Browsing Code.


If you are free browsing like me, then you must be looking free browsing cheat.


In this article, I will be sharing with you airtel free data cheat that works. These cheats is tested and worked fine before posting it on here.


If you need airtel free data cheat that will enable you enjoy free browsing then you are in the right place.




No Airtel Free Data Code or free browsing cheat works forever. A cheat might be working today and stop working tomorrow.




The telecommunications company ( e.g Airtel) might discover it and block it. The companies are losing a lot from each cheat shared.


As of the time I wrote this article. All the cheats shared below is tested and it worked fine. So if you try it and it did not work, then try another. This might be as a result that you are not eligible to enjoy it.


Try the cheats and found the airtel free mb cheat code that works for you. Use the comment box below to let use know.



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Cheat Codes For Airtel 3g : Enjoy Free Browsing


Step 1 : Dial 0008001008151
Step 2 : Computer will asked for id , then enter 25574233
Step 3 : Computer again asked if you are the host then enter the pin and press #
Step 4 : Then select #
Step 5 : then your call will connects
Step 6 : Repeat same steps on your friends phone and enjoy free calls and internet with them.




Latest Airtel Free Data Code For Free Browsing



Below are tested and approved airtel free data cheat.


Airtel Free Data Code



Airtel 3GB For N500 Cheat Code


Airtel is aim at providing the best customer care service to their users. With well designed user experience, here they are again with another enticing offer to her users.


This airtel code for cheap data works well in 2G network. This is to say that if your phone is using 3G, 4G, or 5G that this cheat code will not work fine for you.


You can still enjoy this free browsing by changing your phone back to 2G network. It can be done manually, follow the steps below


Go to Settings >> …More >> Mobile networks >> Preferred network type and then select 2G network.


If you have done that, your phone number is now in 2G. Next, proceed to activate airtel free data bonus.


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How To Subscribe For Airtel 3GB For N500


For you to activate this data you must have up to N500 recharge card.


Then dial *482#, select 3GB plan or alternatively dial *482*2#, N500 will be deducted.


Note that the given data for this plan is valid for 25 days. After 25 days and you have not used up the data, airtel will take it back.


So I advice you to make use of the data before it is void.


How To Subscribe For 1GB for N200


This is very simple, the process is same as listed above.


To Activate it dial *482# and select the 2GB plan or simply dial *482*1#.


This plan is valid for 14 days. After 14 days you will be required to subscribe for new plan. You can decide to place it on auto renewal.


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How To Cancel This Airtel Free Data Code


If you subscribed to either the 3GB plan or 1GB plan and you wish to cancel it. Follow the procedures below to achieve your aim.


Dial *482*4# and you will receive invalid request message,

>> Reply with * after reply with 3


Now you will receive another message telling you that you have successfully cancelled your airtel 3GB for N500 or 1GB for N100 plan.


Please share this airtel free data cheat with family and friends.



Cheat Codes For Airtel 3g Using Apk Snaketel



• Install Apk snaketel app on your android phone, PC or any device you can use to access the internet.
• After downloading the app, install it wait for it to finish installing. Then after launch the app and affect the following changes on it.
• For you to enjoy unlimited internet, you need to bypass data charges limitations. Here is how you can do it easily using snaketel app.
• After launching the app input the following IP and port numbers, remember to save it: 231.64.678.37 :80

• Now you can enjoy free browsing on your Airtel Sim card.



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Airtel Recharge Plus : How To Enjoy 1GB Data


This is another hack to enjoy free browsing from Airtel Telecommunication company. This one works with terms and conditions involved. This Airtel free browsing trick works for all mobile phones.


To Enjoy this cheat dial *479#, it will enable you to enjoy 1GB on RechargePlus platform.


For you to enjoy this free airtel data, you must recharge up to N1300 in a week. This will make you eligible for this airtel free data bonus.


You continue to enjoy this free data by repeating the steps above to unlock it.


To check your data balance dial *140#.


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How To Enjoy 160MB : Airtel Free Data Code


This is very simple, this cheat reduces your browsing cost and gives you free 160 MB to enjoy.


This cheat requires no charge, you don’t need credit or airtime to enjoy it. Dial *400# to activate it, you will receive a message telling you that you have received 160MB to enjoy free browsing.


The data given is valid for 30 days. The cost of this airtel free data bonus is N0 ( no free is required).


  • Dial *141* 13*200# to enjoy free 200MB data.
  • Dial *141*13*100# to receive 100MB data.
  • Dial *141*13*50# to up to 50 MB to browse.



Cheat Codes For Airtel 3g Using Free Ip

Here are IPs that you can use to browse the Internet for free on any Sim card. All you need to do is change your Ip and port settings to any of the following codes.




Final Words On Airtel Free Data Code


I hope one of the above Airtel Free Browsing Code, if so enjoy it.


This blog is based on free browsing cheat and other tech related issues. Visit our blog daily to get new airtel free data bonus, Cheat Codes For Airtel 3g.


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