Free Data On MTN Browse With 0.0k – MTN Free Browsing Code

Are you searching for how to activate Free Data On MTN or MTN Free Browsing Code? If so, are at the right place. In this article I will showing you how to enjoy free data on your MTN sim. If you are a lover of free browsing cheat, then you are with me. MTN is out again with special promo offers for her users. This is to make users enjoy free Internet and unlimited download.


If you really want to take a part in the on going MTN free data cheat, then stick with me as well roll the dices and reveal the secrets. This browsing cheat exist because they is a loop hole in MTN telecommunications network. So enjoy it while it lasts, I have taken my time to checkout the cheats and know if they are still working fine.

Yes, 100% yes, the cheats are still working. Guess what? Many people don’t know. So be grateful to yourself that you found this article.



NOTE: This Post have been updated with the Latest working cheat 👇👇👇👇



Latest MTN Free Browsing Cheat Working Perfect



Here is the trending and another opportunity to enjoy free data from MTN. This cheat is tested and approved. It is 100% working although it selects sim cards.


Although this cheat is capped to 50mb, so I will be showing you how you can enjoy this new MTN free browsing cheat.


MTN free browsing cheat



  • Download 24clan VPN CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD 
  • Install the application and open.
    Once it is open, select MTN 0.0k Free server.
  • Now click on connect button and enjoy free Internet once it is connected.
  • Now that it is connected, minimize and enjoy your free 50mb days.



Latest MTN Free Browsing Cheat With Tweakware VPN


  • Download Tweakware CLICK HERE, Install and open it.
  • Navigate to Settings > Custom Tweak > and apply the following settings:

Connection Mode: HTTP
Server Port: 8080
Host Header:
Don’t tick Reverse Proxy
Proxy Host:
Proxy Port: 8080

Don’t touch other settings

  • Return back to the homepage and select any free server from the custom box. Now click on connect and enjoy free Internet with your tweakware VPN.


Remember to share with friends and family, continue visiting for more free browsing cheat update.





To enjoy MTN free browsing code, follow my guide and steps to activate them.



How To Enjoy Free Data On MTN 100% Working – Easy and Reliable


NOTE: That the MTN free browsing cheats shared below have been started and it is working 100℅ fine, perfect and good. Though some of the cheats selects sim card and prefer old MTN sim cards like 6 years to 4 years old.



MTN Data Cheat Using Hammer VPN



  • Default MTN APN settings.
  • Active MTN sim card 3G or 4G without credit or data.
  • Make sure it is only MTN sim card that’s in your phone.


Let’s get started… Here is how to activate it.


• Leave password and username as default.
• Select the following free server 20, 21, 14, 15,5, as server.


Free Data On MTN


• Input port to the two boxes First box is 8080 and second box is 9201.
• Now you are done, click CONNECT and enjoy unlimited Internet access on your MTN sim. If your hammer VPN stops working try in different free servers.


No much talk, you have hacked the Sim card for unlimited Internet access, once the VPN is connected. Share this article with friends and family.



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MTN Free Data Code – Enjoy 120GB for Free



It is very simple, here is how you can enjoy more then 120GB by dialing just simple code on your MTN sim cards. The cheat selects simple card, this means that it does not work on all the Sim cards.


To enjoy MTN social data for free. Using all the social media platform at zero cost, dial *131*5*7*1#. This cheat is working perfect, as of the time this post was published.


Here is how you can check your free data on MTN social pack balance. Dial *559#, it will be displayed on your screen or sent to you as text message.


This one is hot and blazing, with this cheat you can enjoy 120GB.

To activate it dial *131#
Then Select 7
Select 5
Select 1

Then continue and add your phone number, make sure you add +234 at the front. Example +23481000000.

You will receive a message that shows that it was unsuccessful. Don’t listen to that, proceed and check your data balance, dial *131*4# or send 2 to 131 as message.


Hope it worked for you, because it did work for me. Share the testimonies with friends and family, don’t forget to comment and share this article. Visit my blog regularly latest free browsing cheat.



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MTN 0.0k Free Browsing Cheat Using 24clan VPN


Free Data On MTN



Here is another way to enjoy Free Data On MTN with zero balance. No fee or airtime required.



  • MTN sim card 3G or 4G without data.
  • Android phone.
  • 24clan VPN


Oya, let’s activate this MTN free browsing Code / cheat.


• Download 24clan VPN CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD , install and open it.
• Implement the following settings on the VPN.
• Click on NONE
• Select any MTN free server and hit CONNECT button.
• Once it is connected, you are good to go. Enjoy free browsing and unlimited download.



Congratulations, It worked for you… enjoy free browsing cheat on your MTN.



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How To Make Free Call On True Caller

As you enjoy unlimited Free Data On MTN why not learn how you can enjoy unlimited free calls. This trick is available for true caller users only on Android phones.



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To tweak this cheat and have access to unlimited calls, it is very simple. I will be giving you a clear guide on how you can enjoy this cheat for unlimited airtime. This airtime is available only to make calls with a condition attached.

If you don’t have true caller app, CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD  

Now to enjoy free calls, the voice icon have been integrated to have so many features such as call logs, contact profile , access the VoIP call anywhere within the Truecaller app without leaving to other applications.

Anytime you make call from TrueCaller to another TrueCaller user, the call is free and no charge it required. That’s how you can enjoy free call using true caller.




Now you have learned how to enjoy Free Data On MTN and MTN Free Browsing Code. Remember that no free browsing cheat last for ever. The cheats shared above are working perfect as of the time this blog post was published.



We will keep your updated, meanwhile check other network free browsing cheats


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