How To Hack A Sim Card For Unlimited Internet

Hey, are you searching for How to hack a Sim card for unlimited internet? If so you are at the right place. Many people have been spreading false information on how to hack sim card for free calls and how to scratch sim card for free service.

Guess what?

I have discovered a legit way you can actually hack your sim card for unlimited internet. If you are tired of buying data, or the cost is too much. You can use this little trick I will share below to reduce the rate of you data consumption while you enjoy unlimited download.


It is really simple to enjoy free internet on a card. But many makes it look hard, in this blog post I will be teaching you How to hack a Sim card for unlimited internet. It is easy and simple, no fee is required.


Procedures To Hack A Sim Card For Unlimited Internet


Step 1 : Dial 0008001008151
Step 2 : Computer will asked for id , then enter 25574233
Step 3 : Computer again asked if you are the host then enter the pin and press #
Step 4 : Then select #
Step 5 : then your call will connects
Step 6 : Repeat same steps on your friends phone and enjoy free calls and internet with them.



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How To Enjoy Unlimited 5GB Data On Your Airtel Sim

Do you know that you can hack your Airtel Sim card and enjoy unlimited internet. It is simple, this is made possible using snaketell app. This app helps you to crack various sim cards and enjoy free browsing with it. Imagine enjoying free browsing cheat constantly… here is how you can do it


• Install Apk snaketel app on your android phone, PC or any device you can use to access the internet.
• After downloading the app, install it wait for it to finish installing. Then after launch the app and affect the following changes on it.
• For you to enjoy unlimited internet, you need to bypass data charges limitations. Here is how you can do it easily using snaketel app.
• After launching the app input the following IP and port numbers, remember to save it: 231.64.678.37 :80

• Now you can enjoy free browsing on your Airtel Sim card.


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Free IP Codes To Hack The Internet And Browsing For Free

Here are IPs that you can use to browse the Internet for free on any Sim card. All you need to do is change your Ip and port settings to any of the following codes.




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Airtel 4G unlimited Internet ( Using This Simple Trick To Enjoy Unlimited Internet)


How To Hack A Sim Card For Unlimited Internet, this method is simple and reliable. I have been enjoying it.


Things That You Need

  • Working Airtel sim
  • tunneling app
  • No data or credit in Sim card


If you have those things above, then you are good to go…


Here Is How You Can Activate Your Free Data


• Download the tunnel and install it. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD 
• Don’t change your default access point settings, use it like that.
• Install and configure matching the following options:

Proxy Type: Real Host
Proxy Server:
Port: 8080 and then save it.

• Proceed and click on Options – More Options – click on Connect through HTTP Proxy and then Use the following settings.
• To download the host and port, click here 
• Configure the host and port. Now you can click on connect to enjoy free internet.


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If you have followed the guide above, congratulations 🤝 you can hack your Sim card for free browsing. Now enjoy free Internet.


You should know that browsing cheats does not last forever. The telecommunication network always check the loopholes giving users such opportunity and block it.


We have made it out work to keep you updated on new trend concerning How To Hack A Sim Card For Unlimited Internet.


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