How To Get Free Internet On Airtel Sim ( 100% Working)

How To Get Free Internet On Airtel Sim: If you want to learn how get free data on your Airtel sim. Guess what? You are at the right place. This blog post has everything in detail that you need to know about free internet on Airtel Sim.



I have been using these Airtel Free Internet tricks that I want to share with you below. If are a type of person that don’t like buying data than you are with me.


This blog will be updated constantly with working Airtel free browsing cheat. All you need to do is visit the blog regularly for cheats.



how to get free internet on airtel sim




How To Get Free Internet On Airtel Sim – Enjoy The Internet At Zero Cost


Here is how you can enjoy Airtel free Internet. Remember to share the following free browsing cheats with family and friends.



Airtel Free Internet Trick Using Opera Mini Handler


• Download the latest Opera Mini handler
• Make sure you install the app, then open it.
• Navigate to the mobile Internet settings, click on Internet settings.
• Select access point, then create new option.
• Use the code below and fill in
Name : Airtel Internet
Apn :
Proxy :
Port : 80
• Now save your option, and open your operator mini app. This might take some time.
• Once it opens you can now browse for free on your Airtel Sim.


Enjoy this Airtel free Internet trick, don’t be stingy 😂 share with your friends.



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Airtel Free Browsing Cheat Using UC Browser Handler


Are you still wondering How To Get Free Internet On Airtel Sim?

Worry no more here is another blazing Airtel free Internet trick…



• UC browser Handler
• Active Airtel Sim card
• 3G or 4 G network
• Zero account balance

• Download UC Browser Handler  ,install and open it.
• Enable your mobile phone data. Launch the UC browser scroll to the bottom and tick remove port.
• Now select proxy server to be Real host.
• Fill in the proxy server using the codes below:

• Save your settings by clicking OK.

Congratulations you can now enjoy free browsing on your uc browser.


Hope it is simple, please use the social media icon to share this article with friends on Facebook and twitter.



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Airtel Free Internet Trick Using QueenCee VPN


• Download and install QueenCee VPN, install and open it.
• Then enable your data, make sure you are using as default settings. Now launch your QueenCee VPN.
• Location the QueenCee VPN handler menu and do the following:
• Add port: 1080
• Tick remove port button
• Select proxy type as Host
• Choose custom header as X-Online host.
• Select proxy server as the following:
• Choose Real proxy type as Default/Inject/socks
• Set real proxy server as OR 127.8.81
• Click on save button.


Now the app will get you connected within 3 minutes, if you have followed my guide.


Congratulations you have no browse at zero cost on your Airtel Sim.



how to get free internet on airtel sim



Airtel Free Internet Tricks For Android Using Droid VPN


Here another hot cheat that shows How To Get Free Internet On Airtel Sim

• Download Droid VPN  , install and open it.
• Now create new account, if you already have account login.
• After you have login successfully click on Droid settings.
• Locate the protocol> select TCP
• Change proxy settings to Enable.
• Select proxy server as
• Select port as 3128
• Select HTTPS and input the headers below:
• Now save the settings and select any open or free server available.



NOTE: If the VPN app refuses to connect in one attempt. Enable airplane mood for 5 minutes, turn it off and click connect again.



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Airtel Free Internet Trick Using Troid VPN


Do you know you can enjoy Airtel free data by just downloading Troops VPN and apply the settings below

• Download Troid VPN, install and open it.
• Choose any free server
• Change port to TCP
• Rport as 443
• Lport as 0
• Navigate to advance settings, tick Use proxy for TCP connection
• Select Proxy host as or
• Select port as 3128
• Choose Host as Host:
• Now you are good to go, click save and navigate to connect.


Enjoy free internet on your Airtel Sim… don’t forget share with friends.



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How To Get Free Internet On Airtel Sim Using Wynk music Application


• Download wynk app, install and open it.
• Proceed by creating new account on wynk app and Click on try free ( make sure you select the freedom plan)
• Download Droid VPN for android, install and open it ( with the VPN do the following). You can use tunnel guru for PC and enjoy unlimited Airtel free data.
• Set your net to APN:
• Navigate to advance settings and find parent proxy.
• Enter parent proxy as a put IP:, Port: 3128
• Select headers and write as
• Then connect it with TCP 443 port.

Now you will get connected and enjoy this Airtel free internet trick. It is 100% free and it is working perfect.





Now you have learnt How To Get Free Internet On Airtel Sim. Enjoy unlimited browsing and download. Share the above Airtel free Internet trick with family and friends.

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