Airtel Free Internet Trick: Browse Unlimited On Your Airtel Sim

Airtel free internet Trick, another unlimited Internet trick have been released. This free browsing cheat is for Airtel users. If you are an Airtel user, this trick is 100% free. It does not require any amount of money to activate it.
You don’t need airtime to activate any cheat or data on your Airtel sim. It works and it is free.


This Airtel free internet tricks for android users, non android users should not worry because very soon we will update free browsing cheat for Iphone and other mobile users.



Mean while let’s get started on how you can Enjoy Airtel Free data….



airtel free internet




How To Enjoy Airtel Free Internet Trick


Below are latest Airtel free browsing cheat….




• Airtel sim card with zero airtime and data.
• Android phone or PC
• Any tunnel of your choice but Psiphon is preferable.



Now if you have other things listed above you are good to go….


Make user your mobile phone default point settings

  • Download Psiphon CLICK HERE
  • use any tunnel of your choice. Install and open the tunnel.
  • Navigate to settings and click on More options.
  • Make the following changes as listed below:

Connect through an HTTP Proxy: Tick
Use the following settings: Tick it
Host Address:
Port: 9201 or 8080


Now you are good to go, return back to app home and click connect. Once it is connected, you can now enjoy free internet on your Airtel Sim card.


If you are finding it hard to set it up or you encountered any difficulty to in settings it up. Use the comment box below to let us know.


This Airtel free Internet cheat has been capped for some Airtel users while it is unlimited for others.



Airtel Free Data Cheat Using Free Host and Proxy


Here list of working Airtel free browsing cheats proxies, it is tested and it is working fine. This cheat was used in 2016 and it use working fine. Change your proxy to any of the ones listed below and enjoy Airtel free data.

• OR
• ( try this first)
• OR
• OR
• or
• (resume supported)

Remember to use Port as 80



Working PerfectHow To Get Free Internet On Airtel Sim ( 100% Working)



How To Enjoy Airtel Free Internet On PC


If you are a laptop user, we know how much data it cost to navigate through a page on PC. It cost a lot, don’t worry. This Airtel free data cheat will help you browse using your PC or laptop free of charge. Everything is done at zero cost.


It is simple.. Follow guide below to activate it..


Working homepage for Airtel Free data cheat….


• or [Mostly Found Working ]


Setting For PC Users

Here is how you can tweak your firefox browser to enable you enjoy free browsing…


  • Open your Firefox, Navigate Tools >
  • Options > Network > Setting > Manual setting.
  • Select any of the proxy in the list above and use it.
  • While browsing, if the browsing speed it low. Disable JavaScript and do the following.

Proxy: ( or as above)
Port- 80
Home ( or above described Hosts)



Now your Internet speed will increase. Enjoy Airtel free Internet trick, don’t forget to share your testimonies using the comment box below. We are waiting to hear from you.



airtel free internet




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How To Enjoy SuperFast Airtel Free On 3G


  • First download an install on PC  and Android
  • Install your Nmd Vpn
    Now, download configure file CLICK HERE 
  • In your Name VPN, Copy the config file and paste there (C:Program Files/NMDVPN/config/)
  • Connect your Internet with
  • Right click on the Nmd VPN and run as an administrator.
  • Once it is installed, click on connect and enjoy free internet on your Airtel Sim.


This cheat works well where TCP 443 Port are Open. Tested and it is working fine, share with friends and family.



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Airtel Free Internet Trick Using UC Browser Handler



• UC browser Handler
• Active Airtel Sim card
• 3G or 4 G network
• Zero account balance
• Download UC Browser Handler  ,install and open it.
• Enable your mobile phone data. Launch the UC browser scroll to the bottom and tick remove port.
• Now select proxy server to be Real host.
• Fill in the proxy server using the codes below:

• Save your settings by clicking OK. Congratulations you can now enjoy free browsing on your uc browser.



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Airtel Free Internet Trick Using Opera Mini Handler



• Download the latest Opera Mini handler
• Make sure you install the app, then open it.
• Navigate to the mobile Internet settings, click on Internet settings.
• Select access point, then create new option.
• Use the code below and fill in
Name : Airtel Internet
Apn :
Proxy :
Port : 80

• Now save your option, and open your operator mini app. This might take some time.
• Once it opens you can now browse for free on your Airtel Sim.


Congratulations 🤝 now you can enjoy free browsing on your Airtel Sim.



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