List Of App For Free Browsing 2021 – Enjoy Unlimited Downloads


Today I will be sharing with you App For Free Browsing cheat 2021. These apps can help you browse the Internet without data, that’s enjoying the internet at zero cost. As the year goes on many free browsing cheats are been rolled out.


If you are someone like me that hates buying data due to its expensive cost and how it is quickly exhausted. Then you are at the right place.






Receive Free Internet Update very fast




I created this blog to share with my readers various telecommunication network browsing cheat. I update this blog daily with trends on browsing cheats. Just like the name sounds “free browsing cheat”.. All we share here is for free and manipulate for educational purpose. So we in no way ask you to pay. My team test all the cheats before sharing them to make sure that they are working perfect.


Here are recent update on MTN free data cheat Airtel Free data, Glo Cheat and 9mobile free browsing code. To stay updated visit our blog on regular basis, and enjoy unlimited download.



Best App For Free Browsing 2021 100% Working



• Netify VPN
• Tweakware
• Psiphon Pro
• Free VPN Unlimited Proxy
• Free VPN – Fast Unlimited Secure Unblock Proxy
• Free Basics
• HTTP Injector
• Turbo VPN
• Stark VPN



Here are tested and approved free browsing app that you can use in all networks….. Let’s get started….



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app for free browsing



Netify VPN App For Free Browsing 2021


This one of the hot free browsing app 2021, all you need to do. Is follow our laid down procedures and get your phone on free data. This app comes with many features, ranging from interface to user experience.


To download this app Click here 



How Activate The Free Data


• Download the Netify Vpn Apk
• Install and Open Netify Vpn
• Netify Vpn will appear as Pisphon handler
• Tick on Remove Port
• Enable Proxy Type: Real Host
• Set custom header: X-online-Host
• Enter Proxy server as:
• Save your settings
• Wait for Netify free browsing Vpn to connect



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Stark VPN MTN Free browsing App


Stark VPN is exclusively for MTN free data cheat. You can use it to enjoy unlimited download, download this app and configure the following settings.


Click here to download Stark VPN 


Download Configure file 


How To Config Your Stark VPN – App For Free browsing


You can download the config file. Click on tweak and upload the file. Cool you are good to go, click on connection button and start enjoying free data.



Manual process…. Below…

• After installation, launch your stark VPN.
• Choose Custom under tweak.
• Click on choose connection mode and select Https.
• Click on server port and enter 8080.
• Click on header, then input or
• Set header typeline to multiline.
• Choose
• Return to home page and click on Auto server…


Enjoy free browsing on you MTN sim. You can ask well checkout latest MTN free data code and Airtel free data bonus.



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Tweakware Free Browsing App Cheat



app for free browsing



Tweakware was release in 2015, since it was released the app have had over a million download. I am sure that you must have heard of it. It is a well known app use to enjoy free browsing on any network ( Glo, MTN, Airtel and 9mobile).


This app uses proxy which is use to bypass the Internet billing and data charges. If you can create ID proxy which will bypass all the telecommunication restriction then you are good to go.


Click here to download



Psiphon Pro Free Browsing App 2021


If you love free browsing cheats Psiphon pro is an option. I enjoy over 5GB daily by using my personal I’d proxy on this app. It have had over 10 million downloads since it was placed at play store. This app can help you gain access to your favorite websites and get the best download.


To install this app click here 



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Free VPN Unlimited Proxy


This is one of the hottest app for free browsing, if you are not using it then you are missing a lot. Here are the benefits you get from using the app: unlimited bandwidth, access to sites and websites in other countries, Very fast proxy speed, and unlimited data.



To enjoy browsing free with this app CLICK HERE TO INSTALL 



Free VPN – Fast Unlimited Secure Unblock Proxy


This app have saved my ass many times. If you have ever try to access any website and they told you that your location is not allowed. Ooh I am sure you will be very angry, don’t worry the solution is here. Free VPN does not give you only free browsing offer but it also help you bypass such situation.


This app is just a year old but it have had millions of download due to its reliable service.


Enjoy their services today Click Here To Download 



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Hola Free VPN Proxy – App For Free Browsing


This app have had thousands of review on playstore, they are known for high browsing speed. This app has great performance which have lead to over 50 million download and one million users review. If you are looking forward for a free browsing app download Halo free VPN proxy now and enjoy unlimited data.






Betternet Hotspot VPN & Private Browser – Free Browsing App Cheat 2021



app for free browsing



This app allows you to browse for free, mask your ip address, enjoy high browsing speed, and secure your device while browsing.


Click Here To Download 


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Free Basics


I know that it is free Facebook that will come your mind. Free basics is an app designed for you to enjoy MTN free browsing cheat. You can access sites on free basics like top blocks like BBC and co.







Receive Free Internet Update very fast




HTTP Injector For Free Browsing Cheat


This app had her trend in late 2019. I remember watching movies on HD platform online for hours all thanks to this app. The app is fast and reliable, it works with ID proxy which is use to bypass network Internet restriction. This application is for professionals, using it wrong can lead to damage of phone.


I am a full testimony of this app, all I did was go create 3 config files which I use to bypass network restriction. I enjoyed 22GB per day with this app, to download the app click here



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Turbo VPN App For Free Browsing Cheat


I used this app, when my quest for free browsing cheats increased. Just like Https injector, this app is one of the best app for free browsing 2021. You can enjoy unlimited download using this app.


To Download the app Click here 








Receive Free Internet Update very fast




Final Words On App For Free Browsing 2021


I know you have known the apps available for free browsing cheat. We will keep updating this post every day with new app for free data cheat 2021.


Don’t forget to checkout our free browsing cheats in all categories like MTN free data code, Airtel free data, Glo cheat and Money making app in Ghana.

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