Free Latest Glo Cheat 2019 For Unlimited Browsing

If you are searching for the best Glo cheat 2019? Here I will be sharing latest Glo free browsing cheat that you can enjoy without paying a kobo. The internet is blazing with many free browsing cheats and Glo Nigeria is not left out. They offer various data plans and they are considered as the cheapest data provider in Nigeria.



This blog post providers latest settings to enjoy latest Glo free cheat 2019, Glo cheat code 2019, Glo unlimited browsing cheat, Glo 100 naira cheat 2019, Glo cheat code for MB.


You can enjoy other networks like MTN free browsing cheat, Airtel free data, 9mobile cheat code.

Let’s not waste time and get started….


Before we start, please if you try any cheat and it didn’t work for you. It might be as a result that your sim card is not eligible or Glo telecommunication network have covered the loophole that gives the cheat.


This post will be updated weekly with latest glo unlimited browsing cheat….. Visit regularly to stay updated.


Glo cheat codes for free browsing



Glo Cheat Code 2019 : Browse The Internet For Free



Below are working Glo free data codes, these codes are tested and confirmed. It is all working perfect as of the time we published this post. Perhaps, no cheat lasts forever, we promise to update this post as various free browsing cheats rolls out.




Glo Free Browsing  Cheat Using Anonytun Vpn


For you to enjoy this Glo free browsing cheat, you need the following requirements:


• A Glo sim with zero balance and no data
• Strong 3G network
• Working Android phone
• AnonyTun VPN – Download Now



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After downloading and installing the VPN, tweak the settings using the following guide.

• APN: 9mobile
• APN Type: Default,Supl
• Proxy: Blank
• Port: Blank
• Username: Blank
• Password: Blank
• After Downloading, Launch the application – Click Continue
• Click on Stealth Settings…
• Now put the following:
• Connection Protocol: HTTP
• Connection Port: 80 or 8080 or 8081
• Put the following there
• Then tick USER AGENT
• Then tick KEEP-ALIVE
• Click on Save



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Detail Settings Of Glo Cheat Code For Free Browsing Using Anonytun VPN


After downloading the App, install it and follow the procedures below to activate the Glo free data cheat 2019.

• Click on Stealth Settings. Insert the following:
Connection Protocol: HTTP
Connection Port: 80 or 8080 or 8081
• Click on EDIT CUSTOM TCP/HTTP HEADERS. And put the following there

URL/HOST: www.
• Click on Save



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Glo Cheat For Android Phones Using Tweakware VPN

This cheat requires the use of Tweakware VPN I will be providing a download link for you below. Make sure that your sim card has no active data.


If you don’t like buying data like me, then you got this to enjoy while it last.


Here is how to activate your free data cheat….


• Download tweakware VPN from playstore or click here
• Open the Tweakware VPN APP and Navigate on Settings
• Leave Custom Tweak, Then Click on the Setting Icon
• Username and Password: Leave Blank
• Select “Custom Tweak“
• Select Connection Mode as: HTTP.
• Set Server Port as: 80
• Configure Host header as:
• Click on select “Header Line Type” and Mark Multiline
• Make sure the Reserve Proxy is Not tick
• Now go back and Click on the connect button


Now you can enjoy free browsing on your Glo sim. If it stop working, check this post for new settings update. We update this blog, daily with fresh free browsing cheat on all telecommunication networks.



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Glo Unlimited Browsing Cheat Using Psiphon Pro Lite Handler

Psiphon Pro Lite Handler is just same with other VPN but has his own settings different. The data given is capped to 1GB or 2 GB daily depending on your sim card eligibility. Google and download Psiphon Pro Lite Handler..


If you have done that, here is the guide to set it up 👇👇👇👇…



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• Get A Glo sim card which has 0.00 balance on it.
• A strong 3G network in your location, this will not work on 2G
• 3G supported Android phone
• Next, download the Psiphon Pro Lite Handler
• Go to APN Settings and use the glo default APN
• Launch Your Psiphon app Netify VPN will also work
• Untick Remove Port
• Proxy type: Use Real Host
• Proxy server: enter
• Real proxy type: Select Default
• Real proxy server: leave it empty
• Real proxy port: Use 80
• Click on Save.


….And you can now enjoy this Glo cheat 2019, use it while it last.


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Stay tuned for more hot Glo unlimited browsing cheat. Meanwhile you can checkout how latest free browsing cheat, MTN free data code, and Airtel free browsing cheat.



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