How To Activate 5gb Data For N1000 On MTN


Hey, MTN Nigeria is at it again. They are giving out cheap data plan to eligible customers. Imagine enjoying 5GB for 1000 naira.



How To Activate MTN N1000 For 5GB Data


This cheap data is sim selective, it doesn’t work on all Sims 😭😭😭😭



Since the data is based on eligibility, we’ll take some precautions with activating the “Super Data Offer” from MTN.

Don’t buy any airtime first try dialling the code ∗567∗143*1# and reply with 1 on your MTN SIM card and see if you’re eligible for the data plan.

If you receive a message like (Y’ello! Activation of 5GB for #1000 failed due to insufficient airtime), it means you’re eligible.



Now, go ahead, recharge your MTN Line with at least N1000 airtime, dial the code; ∗567∗143*1#, reply with 1 and get the data. Please note that the data is valid for 14 days which is 2 weeks and you can check your data by dialling ∗131∗4# or by sending “2” to 131.



You are lucky if this data worked for you. If you are not eligible, sorry stay tuned for more update. More cheap and free data rolling out.


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That’s all you need to know about activating the MTN Super Data Offer,

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