How To Get Snapchat On PC – Easy Method


Apps that work on phones always work better on PC. Chrome and Google Docs are my witnesses.

However, some app developers insist on making their apps mobile-only, refusing to release desktop versions. One of these apps is Snapchat.


Despite having an insanely successful market on mobile, Snapchat has bluntly refused to bring the app’s experience to the desktop.

Expectedly, Snapchat fans who spend most of their time on PC are always on the lookout for how to get Snapchat on PC. But is this even possible?


In this article, we’ll look at the possibility of getting Snapchat on PC and why you should or shouldn’t try.


Can You Use Snapchat on a PC?


Snapchat used to work on PCs, albeit unofficially. In the past, netizens brave enough to tinker with their computers could install an Android emulator, install Snapchat inside the emulator and snap away.

This way, you’re essentially running the Android version of Snapchat on your PC. Snapchat still doesn’t offer a web or PC version, so you’re running it through an emulator.

However, that is no longer possible. It seems like Snapchat wants 100% of their user base to be on mobile phones, so they went out of the way to disable the option to run Snapchat through an emulator.

So, it’s safe to say Snapchat doesn’t work on PCs. However, it seems like Snapchat does work for some users, depending on how well they can tinker with their emulators.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to install Snapchat on a PC anyways. Maybe Snapchat will change its mind in the future, or you’ll get lucky.


How To Install Snapchat on a PC


If you’ve read the article up to this point, you should have a basic understanding of how Snapchat works on PCs. You will need to install an emulator, open Google Play on the emulator, and install Snapchat through Google Play.

Unlike most IT processes, this is just as straightforward as it sounds. It is hassle-free, but it doesn’t work. About any other Android app works fine, but Snapchat deliberately disabled the functionality.

Here are the procedures required to install Snapchat on a Windows PC.

  1. Install a good Android emulator on your PC. For any demanding game or app like Snapchat, Bluestacks is the recommended Android emulator.

You can get Bluestacks at to get an emulation of Android 7 on your computer.

  1. On the Bluestacks emulator, sign in to your Google account as you would sign into a regular new Android phone. Signing in will give you access to the Google Play store that’s much needed to install Bluestacks.
  2. Launch the Google Play on the emulator. Using the search feature on Google Play, enter ‘Snapchat’ and install it like you would on a regular Android phone.
  3. Once the installation finishes, you can launch the Snapchat app on your virtual device. Open the login screen and enter your login details for Snapchat.

And that’s how Snapchat works (or worked) on PCs. However, there’s a very high chance that you’ll encounter an error, and you’ll be unable to sign in to your Snapchat account.

If that’s the case, then you’re part of the multitude unable to use Snapchat on their computers. If Snapchat changes its mind on its position on this, you may regain access to Snapchat.


A Glimmer of Hope for Snapchat on PCs?


Windows recently announced Windows 11, an operating system that’s supposed to be the successor of Windows 10.

Windows 11 will be shipping with a feature that’s crucial to PC Snapchatters: Android app compatibility.

You don’t need to install Bluestacks or other complicated emulators to get Android apps on your PC.

Even with this, there’s still a very low possibility of getting Snapchat to work on PCs running Windows 11 for various reasons.

Firstly, Android app compatibility will come to Windows 11 through the Amazon App Store. Presently, Snapchat is unavailable on the Amazon App store, and we are not sure if Snapchat will be bringing its app over to the store.

However, the only option is if Windows 11 supports Google Play services and lets users sideload apps. This feature will make it possible to install Google Play, thereby sideloading Play Store.

However, the chances that this will work are infinitesimally small, so you may want to look for other alternatives.


Using Andy Emulator to Get Snapchat on PC?


Some online reports hint at the possibility of successfully running Snapchat on a PC using Andy Emulator.

Like Bluestacks, Andy Emulator lets you emulate Android apps on your PC without owning an Android phone.

However, Andy Emulator often makes the news for all the wrong reasons. The emulator allegedly used users’ graphics processing power to mine cryptocurrency for the developers.

While I can’t confirm this claim, I can rule it out either. Besides, Andy Emulator isn’t as snappy as Bluestacks while running Android apps, and there is no proof that it will run Snapchat snappily.


Alternative Android emulators for Snapchat


If Bluestacks doesn’t work, all hope isn’t lost. There are still chances that alternative Android emulators will run Snapchat well on Windows.

Nox App Player is an emulator that works on both PCs and Macs and has a similar user experience to Bluestacks.

KOPlayer and LDPlayer are alternative emulators that work almost as well as Bluestacks, if not better on PCs and macs.

If you have time and a decent internet connection, you can try these emulators individually to see if any works out for you.



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It’s no secret: Snapchat doesn’t work on PCs. Well, it used to work until Snapchat decided to lock the app to mobile devices.

Even with Android emulators, the app still doesn’t work. However, we can only wait for the final version of Windows 11’s Android compatibility layer to see if we have any hopes of using Snapchat on a device with a keyboard and a mouse.

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