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Do you want to find out all you need to know about iPhone call history recovery free? Do you want to find out if can you recover iPhone call history? How about if you want to know whether or not can I recover deleted call history? Or do you want to know how can I see my full call history? Or do you want to know how can I retrieve deleted calls from my iPhone without a computer?


These are very pertinent questions that are begging for answers and we will be answering them accordingly. These questions are gotten as a result of the search inquiries to the topic, hence, they are more or less frequently asked questions that can assist you in understanding the topic properly and extensively.

Your call history is an important part of your device. The information contained there goes a long way to help you track a lot of things relating to your business, relationship, and so on. As extreme as it may sound, your call history has the ability to get you into trouble or out of it. In the right circumstance, it can save a life, or it could see it destroyed.

We are not trying to get you worked up or anything, we are just trying to explain to you how important your call history is. So many people may wonder why you really have to bother whether or not your call history gets deleted or not. The truth is that you really should ensure that your call history is intact to enable you to access it at any given time when a situation that requires you to go through it arises.

Unfortunately, there are no strong measures put in place to ensure that you do not easily delete your call history either intentionally or unintentionally. Perhaps, mobile phone manufacturers share the sentiment that your call history may not be as important as we have clearly tried to show you.

Nevertheless, there have been measures put in place to ensure that you can easily and effectively retrieve all your deleted call history or records. Through this article, we shall be discussing how you can achieve iPhone call history recovery for free. The measures are simple, and the process is easy. All you have to do is sit tight, and go through the article.

Before we begin to look at all these measures and how you can easily navigate through them to secure your deleted call history, let us quickly show you some of the importance of the call history.


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What is the importance of call history?


Before we go ahead and look at iPhone call history recovery free, let us quickly look at what would most people consider is the importance of call history. They include:

  • Communication
  • Service
  • Efficiency

Now, let us quickly explain these merits so as for you to understand them in a concept that befits their importance to the topic. We shall be explaining them both from a personal and commercial perspective respectively.


  • Communication.

The need for communication is what allows you to have a record of the calls you have received or entertained over time. On a personal level, you come across various people on a daily basis. Some of you have their numbers saved on your device, while others may not be lucky enough to have their numbers saved on your phone. Owing to this, you can receive multiple calls over time, and at some point, you may need a particular number which unfortunately may not be saved to your device.

What do you do? Do you begin to look around for the individual? Of course not. So long as you can recall having a conversation with that person over the phone, all you need to do is to go through your call history and find out the phone number.

For business individuals, the same situation applies except this time, it could be detrimental if the phone number in question belongs to an important client, a potential client or business, vendor, and so on. In which case, you would have to try and go through the call history of your device to locate the phone number quickly.


  • Service.

This is for those who actually carry out commercial activities with their lines or phones. The important aspect of call history is that it helps to keep track of how many times a number calls and how long the calls lasted respectively. I will explain this with a personal experience tale. Back when I was in the business of food distribution, I tracked my customer service level using the number of times a customer calls the line. Basically, a customer calls when he has an issue or a problem with the order or the service generally, and the duration of the call determines how serious the problem is or how bad it affects the customer.

Since I just started the business, this was a constant thing and before you know it, my call logs were littered with phone numbers of various customers and the call durations were long enough to tell that they were not just calling to tell me how “good things were” (hahaha).

As time went by and I firmly took care of the problems, I noticed that from the call logs, I frequently got calls anymore. However, I still had people placing orders, much more than when I was just starting. Your call logs are just as important as anything else, as an entrepreneur or business owner. Take this quite seriously.


  • Efficiency

The need for you to reach any of your recent contacts, whether saved or not, is one important aspect of call log or call history. I have been in a really precarious situation where I found it very difficult to go through my contacts to sort out the phone number of my next of kin. My saving grace? The call log. It is easier to use and more efficient when you are looking to find some contacts both those that are saved on your device and those that are not saved on your device.

Now that we have successfully looked at the importance of call logs, let us quickly look at how you can successfully carry out iPhone call history recovery-free, without any stress or hiccups.


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iPhone Call History Recovery Free

iPhone call history recovery free

No matter how careful you may be, a time could come when you might intentionally or unintentionally decide to clear your call logs. This is unfortunate for people who clearly know the importance of this.

From the importance above, you can deduce that the call logs actually make up a huge part of your device, and as such, it is important that you ensure that they are not tampered with.

But like we said earlier, clearing your call logs is not actually something you can always control. If this happens, and you fill the need to recover your call logs, take solace in the fact that there are options available for you.

This option is available for only iPhone users, as it is one of the very few devices that support such a technical option for recovery of your lost or deleted call logs.

Now, let us quickly look at how you can successfully carry out an iPhone call history recovery-free. The solutions are simple and they are easy to adapt to. So, just sit tight and go through them.


Solution 1: Recover call log without backup


To do this, you will need a third-party app to help you. For the purpose of this article, we shall be using Gihosoft, an iPhone data recovery software, for this analogy. Let us look at how you can do this below:

  • Launch or open the software.
  • Go through the call history and click on Next
  • Connect your iPhone to the software on your computer and once it has connected, click on Next to scan for your iPhone
  • Upon the return of the search results, you can preview the results, and then click on Recover for the files you wish to recover.

Solution 2: Restore call log from iTunes backup

  • Open iTunes from your computer
  • Connect your phone to the computer via USB. Then, select your device when it pops up on the iTunes dashboard on your computer
  • Click on Restore backup and click on the file you wish to recover and click on Restore.

And, that is how you can easily recover your call logs. I know, right? So easy! All you need is a computer or PC to assist you in getting this done.


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Hope you have gotten the best ideas for iPhone call history recovery free? You can actually go through any of the information we released above to help you deal with whatever related issue that you have with the subject matter.

If you have any questions, please use the comment box below to notify us. My team is ready to answer you.


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