GLO Unlimited Free Browsing 2021 – Enjoy GLO Free Data


Hey guys, it have been long since I share GLO free browsing cheat. But guess what? This is hot and blazing. This page contains the latest GLO unlimited data cheat.


Imagine enjoy data on GLO without data cap. I know you get angry when you get that annoying message saying you have exhausted your data. I do feel bad, but I got you covered. Glo free data 2021 is available for every GLO subscriber to enjoy.

Good news, the GLO free data cheat is not sim selective. It works on any glo sim card, bot old and new. The settings is very sim and easy.


How To Activate GLO Free Data Cheat 2021


Follow the guide below to enjoy GLO cheat 2021.

  • First, get two GLO sim card, there shouldn’t be any active data plan on it. The sim card can be 3G or 4G, anyone works well.
  • On the first GLO sim card, activate GLO night plan.
  • Share your data from the first sim you activated glo night plan to the second sim. You can dial *127*01*NUMBER#.
  • Now use the second sim you shared data to and browse. Make sure you exhaust the data plan you bought. Don’t use the first sim card to browse.
  • After exhausting the data on the second sim. Now you can turn your data connection of, but make sure you turn it on before 5AM unless this cheat wouldn’t work.
  • Turn it on before 5am then continue browsing once it is 5am. The data bundle wouldn’t reduce, you are on an unlimited plan. Now, you can browse and download anything you want.
  • Don’t turn off your data connection off again on the second sim. Unless you will wait till 12 am the next day. Then repeat the steps and enjoy GLO unlimited data cheat.



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This was very simple. I hope this guide on GLO Unlimited Free Browsing 2021 – Enjoy GLO Free Data was helpful? Now you can browse and download for free via GLO night plan.

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