9mobile Free Data – 9mobile SocialPak 2.5GB Cheat Settings [ Working Perfect ]


I shared this cheat earlier this year. To those that took the chance keep enjoying. 9mobile free data is capped to 2.5GB data is still available.



I have been sharing various settings on this cheat. So that you can find the easy one and enjoy. This method is very simple and easy. If you have been dreaming of 9mobile free data cheat. You are at the right place.



This cheat is available Now, I will be sharing more cheats once my theme discover it.



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How To Activate 9Mobile Free Data Cheat Via ChatPak Touch VPN (Android)



This cheat is unlimited, it is capped to 2.5GB. Once it finish buy another plan and continue enjoying the 9mobile free data cheat. When you follow the steps below and subscribe. You will receive 500MB on socialPak and 2GB will be hidden. You can use this data to power your android device via VPN.


9mobile Free Data


  • First, subscribe to 9mobile Social Media / Chat pack plan by dialing *343*6*9#.
  • Then, download Ultrasurf vpn for Android Users, CLICK HERE.
  • Open the app and finally tap on the Connect button. It will connect within 10 seconds.
  • Once it is connected, you can then minimize the VPN and start browsing, streaming and downloading.



9Mobile ChatPak Free Browsing Cheat via Touch VPN For iOS Device



My team has gotten a way that you Can use this 9mobile socialpak on your iphones or other iOS device. The connection process is easy and same as the of Android device. The only difference I the VPN use, below is direct link to download the VPN on Your iOS device.


  • Download and Install Touch VPN iOS, CLICK HERE
  • Open the app and click on Start.
  • Wait for the incoming and outgoing connections to read.
  • If it is too slow, make sure you choose the United States or Russia Federation.


9mobile Free Data


Now you can enjoy 2.5GB on every 9mobile social pack subscription. If your current subscription finishes, you can quickly buy another bundle and continue enjoying.


Keep enjoying 9mobile free data, don’t forget to share with friends.




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