Zong Free Internet Code List 2022 – Enjoy 145GB Free


Hey, dear reader today I will be sharing with you zong free internet code 2022. If you are a Zong user, you are at the right place. This article has all in details concerning Zong free internet cheats and all Zong free internet trick. My team have taken my time to test all the Zong free browsing cheats 2022 shared below. To enjoy these free browsing cheat, it is simply follow our instructions and guides below.




As we all know that Song is the second biggest network provider in Pakistani. Many people from Pakistani search everyday for working free MB cheats. Due to high quest on Zong free MB code, we have taken it into consideration to give you best zong free youtube code 2022.



This website free browsing cheat specializes on updating you with the recent and working free browsing cheats on all networks available. We update our readers with working free internet cheats. Do you know the good thing? We test all the cheats and check if it is working before you share it. To receive recent update from us JOIN OUR TELEGRAPH CHANNEL.



Do you know that there are Zong free internet packages code 2022? That will allow you enjoy the internet for free. This article contains the following – zong free mb code 2022, zong free internet check code, zong free instagram code 2022, zong free net code, zong free internet proxy 2022.







About Zong Telecommunications 


Song is the second largest internet provider in Pakistani. This telecommunication is owned by China but operates in Pakistani. Zong has wide coverage compared to other telecommunication companies in the country with a lot of enticing data offers. They care much about their customers and offer the best network coverage ranting from 3G to 4G.



Zong Free Internet Code 2022 – Zong Free Data



The tricks below are tested by my team and as of the time this post was published the internet tricks is working fine.


Zong 1GB Free Data



This cheat is easy to access an enjoy. It is available for all Zong users, If you have not installed Zong app on your phone before or you bought the sim card free. You can enjoy free internet by downloading my Zong app from play store. To enjoy this offer, follow my guide below to download and access the free Internet.



How To Enjoy Zong Free Browsing Trick of 1GB Data



To enjoy this Zong free data, follow the steps below:


  • Navigate to your playstore app, open it.
  • Now search for “My Zong app” using the search bar.
  • Download the first app that shows up and install it.
  • Now register your new Zong phone number ( use a phone number that you have not used before.
  • After you have successfully signed up, you will be given 1GB data. The given data is valid for 3 days, make sure you use it before then.



I know it is really simple, enjoy free Internet and don’t forget. Share with your friends and family.







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Zong Free Data Bonus For Facebook 3G/4G



Today social media has it all. Facebook is on of the most used social media, this js for all social media lovers. Do you know you can enjoy free access to Facebook with your Zong sim card. That’s a great and good news for all Zong internet users. If you have not been using Zong. I advice you to get one today. Here is how you can configure your Zong sim for free Facebook.


  • This is Zong unlimited data mode where you get to enjoy free access to Facebook. You will not be seeing pictures but text only.
  • This offer is 100% free.
  • It is valid for 24 hours.
  • No USSD code or subscription is required.
  • You can switch from free mode to paid more where you can view pictures and videos.
  • To enjoy free mode for Facebook, on your data connection without data and it will connect automatically.





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Zong Free Internet Trick – Free Whatsapp Cheat



WhatsApp has turned to one of the fastest means on communication. It is easier to connect to love ones and use it for businesses. Because of its important and how necessary it is, Zong have decided to provide her users free Internet access.



  • This offer allows you to enjoy whatsapp at zero cost. You can do video calls, send pictures, send text and voice messages at zero cost. You can download and share files all for free.
  • This offer is not totally free for available at Rs 20 for all hee users.
  • It is valid for one month, at the end of 30 days from the day of subscription it will be rolled back (the unused data)
  • To enjoy this offer *247# and grab your data. Enjoy free whatsapp using Zong.




Zong Free Internet Code For New Sim – Enjoy Free 2GB


  • You can enjoy free 2GB days for free anytime you buy new Zong Sim card.
  • To enjoy your 2GB free data, dial *10# to subscribe and get bonus of this offer.
  • The given data is valid Zong is one of the companies that allows her user to enjoy free Internet. Have you been wondering how you can enjoy Zong free MB code? Here we have a trick for you.
    • for 3 days.
  • This data offer is free and no cost is required.



Enjoy this offer on purchase of new Zong Sim card. This offer is absolutely free and doesn’t require any charge to enjoy it. Keep rocking it.




Zong Free Unlimited Internet Trick 2022



Zong have rolled out new package for her users to enjoy free unlimited internet. Each free Internet trick has a procedure to unlock it. To enjoy Zong free Internet trick, follow the steps below to activate it.


  • Download and install UC browser on your phone.
  • Open the app and navigate to the settings.
  • Click on Access point and select create a new profile.
  • Add the following details to your new profile.
  • Set proxy as
  • Set port as 80



Now you can enjoy free Internet using your UC browser app. Provided that the settings is well implemented, with you Zong sim (no data ) you can enjoy free Internet.



NOTE: This cheat only works for http sites. This implies that it won’t work for https site. Visit all the sites/ websites on https.





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Zong Free Data Code – Enjoy Free 130 GB



Zong is giving free data to all her users. You can enjoy Zong free browsing cheat with the procedures outlined below. This trick is designed to work perfectly and give you free access to the Internet.



  • Download and install UC browser, UC mini wouldn’t work for this cheat.
  • Launch the UC browser and wait for it to open.
  • Tap the top bar and enter the following URL “free.facebook.com.kproxy.com”
  • You will be redirected to Kproxy Website, where you can browse for free.




Zong Free Internet 2022 – Zong Free Data Cheat


This zong free data cheat is available for all her users. It doesn’t require much complexity to enjoy. To enjoy the free data cheat, follow our hassle free to enjoy. This is cheating offers unlimited data offer once you activate it. Here is our to activate the cheat….



  • Install UC handler in your phone, launch it.
  • Enter the following settings:
  • Set Real proxy as HTTP
  • Select kindle type as
  • Put in real proxy server :
  • Port: 80




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Zong Free Youtube Code 2022 – Zong Unlimited Data Trick



This Zong unlimited Internet cheat is available for all movie lovers. If you like watching movies on youtube we have device a means to help you save data and stream the movie of your choice free.



Here is how to activate Zong YouTube free data cheat


  • Download and install Yoga VPN from Google Play Store
  • Use the default settings of the VPN, and connect.
  • Install any screen recorder from playstore.
  • Launch the installed screen recorder.
  • Open youtube, and locate your desires movie.
  • Watch the movie, the whole movie will be recorded and saved in a folder automatically.



Zong Free MB Code 2022 – Free Data On Zong


  • Download and install UC handler.
  • Now navigate to settings, open access point and create new one.
  • Set APN as zonginternet
  • Select proxy as
  • Set port to 80
  • Save settings and start browsing. This cheating works for site on http. This implies that you visit site on http.



Zong Free Data Codes



Do you want to surf the Internet for free, do you know you can enjoy free Internet. Stream and download for free. They is no magic, all you need to do is follow the steps below and activate.


Zong Free Browsing Codes


  • Dial *537*2# and enjoy free 1500MB on your Zong sim card.
  • Dial *568#*11#or *44#or *102# and enjoy free 4GB days.
  • Dial *56*8*23# and enjoy free 500MB.
  • Dial *7863*86# and enjoy free 1GB days.
  • Dial *117*111*2# and enjoy free 2GB Zong data.
  • Dial *563*85*23# and enjoy Zong 1GB data for one week.






Receive Update very fast






My team have tested the above cheats and certify that it is working perfect as of when published. We have taken our time to highlight working Zong free Internet codes and tricks. These cheats are completely free and does not require any additional fee to enjoy.


You can use the comment box below to share your thoughts or notify us if you have any problem. Please don’t forget to share this article with family and friends. Us the social media button below to share.









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