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How to Delete Documents and Data In iPhone

how to delete documents and data in iphone

The storage space on your iPhone is running low, and you need to delete some unwanted files to free up space. After digging around for a bit, you see ‘Documents and Data’ taking ridiculous amounts of storage space on your iPhone. What are documents and data, and why is it taking so much storage space […]

How To Unsend A Text On iPhone

How To Unsend A Text On iPhone

You’re typing a text to your girlfriend Monica. You’re just done with it and you hit send. Oh no! Something is wrong. You just sent the text to ‘Mom’ instead of Monica, what a pain?

How to Fix Family Sharing Screen Time Not Working

How to Fix Family Sharing Screen Time Not Working

It is worrisome trying to enable the Screen Time feature under family sharing on your iPhone and having it fail every time. Sometimes, it may seem like you’ve enabled the feature but you can neither view your screen time nor that of your kids. When this happens, you should troubleshoot the Family Sharing feature and […]

How To Use Push To Talk On Discord

how to use push to talk on discord

Gamers who frequent Discord voice servers have a magic button; it’s that special button that makes them audible only when they have something to say. If you don’t know what it is, it’s called the Push to Talk feature. This feature lets you assign a button that only activates your microphone when you hit a […]

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Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Download

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The game pokemon diamond and pearl download is a classic modern mobile and computer game that’s truly awesome. growing up as young boy I would play the game in my pocket and would sneak it in my backpack just to play it during school lunch time. Pokémon Diamond Version and Pokémon Pearl Version are 2006 […]