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pokemon crystal rom is among the most fascinating Mario Nitendo games online. For me personally, I loved playing when i was a kid, and i still do enjoy playing i even as a grown-up and when i’m less active, it’s me and the game.

Pokemon sprites in Pokemon Crystal have small animations, unlike in previous games when they were static. Pokemon Crystal was also the first Pokemon game only playable on the Game Boy Color, overall having more vibrant graphics.

Can i play pokemon crystal in emulators?

Usually, pokemon crystal is a game that can be played on a console and is only. These consoles are not portable and provide a very limited selection of games in most cases.

A smart phone can house the most games of all types as possible and it is way more cheaper and can be carried everywhere. It is evident that playing games on phones using an emulator is a wise choice.


Are emulators legal?

Emulators are not illegal, at least in my home country. I have not seen anyone detained for using emulators. Emulators let users extend the functions of a program to other devices that might not be equipped with the original design.

For example using an emulator, you can play any portable gaming game on a smart phone or play a game like Nitendo on computers. Umlator’s inventions have changed the look of traditional games to meet modern needs.

Can I play pokemon crystal rom on phone?

You can play the game on your smartphone or laptop. But, in order to archive the game then you must have installed a corresponding emulator suitable for the game before you start.

To make the story shorter, simple download the game here on this page and download suitable emulator here. It is also possible to play it online without downloading it.

How to play Pokemon Crystal on Android

To get started please follow the procedures as stated below..

  1. First of all, download the Pokemon Crystal from any relevant link.
  2. Also, download an emulator which will work best for the ROM.
  3. Install that emulator on your Android gadget.
  4. Put the Pokémon Crystal game in the memory card.

How Long is pokemon crystal

Emulator games are fantastic i guess and i believe you won’t regret downloading pokemon crystal either. There are many more cool and exciting emulator games available on this website. You just need to go to the homepage and choose the category that you are interested in.

Multi-Player Polled Average Median Least Most
Co-Op 2 253h 253h 127h 30m 378h 30m
Competitive 1 2h 2h 2h 2h
Platform Polled Main Main + 100% Fastest Longest
Emulated 28 25h 23m 42h 31m 10h 05m 93h 15m
Game Boy 8 25h 41m 39h 52m 20h 46h 51m
Game Boy Advance 21 30h 19m 52h 48m 165h 13h 06m 200h
Game Boy Color 162 31h 06m 58h 20m 176h 38m 9h 300h
Nintendo 3DS 86 27h 03m 48h 41m 88h 05m 10h 38m 163h 30m
Nintendo DS 1 80h 80h 80h
PC 2 12h 37m 48h 18m 12h 37m 48h 18m

When you are done with this page, it is recommended to check out {related post title and link1} or {related post title and link2}. These games are amazing and I am certain you’ll be enthralled by them. Take a look and share your thoughts in the comment section.

As we always say, if you have any confusion and need us to answer or are finding anything solution to problem you are having with pokemon crystal rom, please just ask using the comments section. Our email addresses and phone numbers are listed below, which you can use to contact us for a faster responses.


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