New MTN Recharge Code 2022 – Guide To Use It


MTN Nigeria is one of the oldest telecom company in the country. This company is as old as mobile phone in the company. They have been operating for almost 2 decades now. The system have been changing and New MTN Recharge Code keeps upcoming up.



To enhance and provide better customer care service to users. MTN have introduced new ways that you can recharge your mobile line. This will help you to stay updated and never run out of airtime. Even when you don’t have the money. There is a platform that can provide airtime for you while you pay later.



Learn various ways to use new code to load MTN card. All the process demands that you use USSD code. This blog focus on bringing information to your doorstep. We have written articles that u might be interested in.



New MTN Recharge Code To Load Airtime


The following are ways that you can recharge your mobile phone. Stay active and stay connected with MTN recharge codes.



  • To enjoy time 4 ( 4X) of every recharge dial *888*recharge pin#. You will be given times four of your recharge. If you recharge 100 naira you will be given 400 naira. If you recharge 200 naira you will be given 800 naira. You can only use this airtime to make calls. The credit can’t be used to purchase data.


  • To load your 10 digit MTN card is by dialing *3551*Credit PIN#. It works for those recharge cards whose PIN is 10 digits in number.


  • For PIN that contains the 12 digits, you will have to use the old mtn recharge code which is *555*Card PIN#. This is use for normal MTN card voucher.



  • You can recharge your MTN line connect to any bank by dialing *904# and follow the on screen command for successful top up. Airtime purchase can be done using various bank USSD banking code.

If there is any change in MTN 2022 recharge code. I will update this article immediately to reflect and keep you informed.



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How To Borrow Credit From MTN



Maybe you are out of airtime and there is no way to purchase credit instantly. Don’t sorry you can borrow airtime from MTN and pay later. This platform is available according to your recharge history.


It is called xtratime, and you are charged 5 – 15% charges (depends on how much you recharge) on the amount you borrow. Let’s say you want to borrow 100 naira, MTN will charge you 5% of 100 naira and you will be credited with 95 Naira. On your next recharge the 100 naira that you borrowed will be deducted completely. 200 naira and above get charge of 10 to 15%, depending on the amount.


To borrow Airtime or credit from MTN, dial *606# >> Xtratime >> Amount you want to borrow.



How To Check MTN Airtime Balance



After using any of the new MTN recharge code 2022 to load your airtime. You can check your balance to know how much airtime that’s remaining and keep track of it. To check your MTN credit balance dial *556#. Your current balance will pop up on the screen.






Receive Update very fast






I hope you have learned the old and new MTN recharge code 2022. The new one works with the 10 digit PIN while the old works with the 12 digit PIN. You can buy airtime using your bank mobile app or mobile banking code. You will be debited directly from your bank account.

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