7 Best Games That Don’t Take Much Space on Your PC


Looking at the weight of some modern games sometimes makes you want to grab your head. Is it really necessary to free up a hundred gigabytes for the sake of another shooting game? Can’t you, as in the good old days, just download the game and forget about the fact that it takes up any space at all? Actually, you can! And we aren’t talking only about slots on platforms like https://22bet.com.gh/mobile-app and browser games but also about some timeless classics and even the top indie releases of recent years. Here are the best 7 games in this category that will surprise the most demanding players. 


Gothic II

This game hides one of the most deeply developed fantasy worlds. Only TES: Morrowind could compete with it in those years. And the epic story about a nameless hero who dared to challenge the orc army besieging the secluded island of Khorinis hasn’t lost its fascination. Non-linear gameplay, a lot of quests, an interesting system of upgrades, and freedom of action in the open world — what else is required from a cool RPG?



ABZU is a meditative game that will give you a break from more dynamic and intense releases. It will offer you the role of an ocean explorer, but the local depths don’t harbor any dangers. Instead, a marvelous world of underwater flora and fauna awaits the player. Here you can watch majestic whales smoothly passing by, take a ride on a huge friendly stingray, or simply succumb to the underwater current and rush into uncharted distances among schools of colorful fish.


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

The most important link in the epochal cycle of spy thrillers comes from Japanese visionary Hideo Kojima. In the role of the legendary mercenary Snake, you are offered to penetrate into a carefully guarded island outpost to free the hostages. In the traditions of the genre, the ability to act stealthily, carefully choose the route, and skillfully distract your opponents is especially appreciated here because open confrontation almost always means certain death. Ground Zeroes was released as a kind of prologue to the much larger and award-winning stealth action game Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. But despite its short duration, the game manages to tell a separate fascinating story and demonstrate impressive freedom of action.


Broken Age

Releases in the genre of classic point’n’click adventures with the search for objects and puzzle solving are asking to be included at the top of games with low weight. In recent years, several masterpieces have been offered to players. Broken Age, created by game industry veteran Tim Schafer, is a true gem. The colorfully drawn quest unites the fates of a boy who grew up on a spaceship and a tribal woman suffering under the oppression of a terrible monster. The characters are instantly drawn into the narrative, and their dialog is beautifully voiced by Hollywood stars, including Jack Black and Elijah Wood.


Hitman: Blood Money

Agent 47, the unemotional and flawless assassin with a barcode on his shiny bald head, has had his ups and downs. But Blood Money is still the best chapter in his story. A twisted criminal plot, stylish production with a clear influence of Hollywood thrillers, an orchestral soundtrack, and well-thought-out missions to eliminate targets with impressive freedom of action are all included in the recipe for one of the best stealth action games in history. 


Risk of Rain 2

This indie hit offers players the chance to explore procedurally generated levels on a distant planet with an extremely aggressive fauna. The game offers a choice of several fundamentally different characters, from a space marine and a bandit to a cargo robot and a chained monster. The randomized drop of upgrades makes each playthrough feel unique. An epic boss battle awaits you at the end of each level. And you can add even more variety to the process of clearing alien hordes by teaming up with your friends because local multiplayer can unite up to four people on one server.


Fell Seal Arbiters Mark

Fell Seal doesn’t just look good against the backdrop of its more notable forebears; it also brings many genre elements to a new level. Behind the familiar basis like a square-drawn battlefield, there are a lot of elaborate details. The deep system of pumping represents a choice of over 30 classes and 300 combat abilities. Verified balance practically eliminates the need to grind. An extremely convenient interface allows you to calculate each move in advance. Moreover, a fascinating story about political squabbles in a fantasy world, constrained by the power of the Order of the Immortals, which was designed to honor peace and order but, over time, has become a threat to ordinary citizens.


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