NSAFN Apk (Night Shift At Fazclaire’s Nightclub) For Android v0.4


Gaming has changed the world for the better reasons, this game NSAFN Apk (Night Shift At Fazclaire’s Nightclub) is an amazing horro game that i will be discussing about in this article. Both the features and the latest update of the application will be talked about in this article so sit tight and let me table the good news.






NSAFN Apk (Night Shift At Fazclaire’s Nightclub).

This game NSAFN Apk (Night Shift At Fazclaire’s Nightclub) has an amazing gameplay, the game is a horror game that takes place at a nightclub where the protagonist, which is the player will be faced with the challenges of taking live, navigating through dark corridors, solve puzzles, and uncover the mysteries that has happened in that same environment. The team behind the development of this game NSAFN Apk (Night Shift At Fazclaire’s Nightclub) is amazing and obsessed with their work, because one of the best features of the game is the graphic and it’s sound system, they created a perfect environment for the gamers and the best sound track. Download the game and explore the best gaming experience ever.




The game feature will help with some of the difficulties that you might face while playing the game, so below i will be discussing about that. NSAFN Apk (Night Shift At Fazclaire’s Nightclub) offers players the best and terrifying gaming experience set in a haunted nightclub that will blow your mind.


Survival Mode 

The danger experience of the game is the most thrilling part of the game, just like i said before that the game is a horror game, so players are expected to face some terrifying things and moment, and that is when the survival mode comes to helping you navigate through the animatronic creatures and the ever-present sense of danger, which is the part that makes the game most interesting.

Problem-Solving Skills

In this part you will be faced multiple of puzzles to solve, which means that your level of skill solving problem will be test in solving of code to find a hidden object, which when found adds to the thrilling experience of the game.

Multiple Endings.

NSAFN Apk (Night Shift At Fazclaire’s Nightclub) come with various types of ending which depends on the players performance. This feature of the game encourages players to enhance their performance, because it defines how well you can overcome challenges which will help you chose if you will be interested in playing the game again or not.



When we talk of gameplay we refer to the efficiency and how easy to operate the game is, in the case of NSAFN Apk (Night Shift At Fazclaire’s Nightclub) i find it perfect and reliable. The game has an amazing and thrilling graphic design with the perfect visual display which makes the dimly lit corridors, flickering lights, and ominous decor create a sense of unease as you traverse the haunted nightclub as you conquer your fear. The game features one of the best sound effects in the industry ranging from creaking floorboards, bone-chilling screams, and distant whispers, heighten the suspense and keep players wanting more of the game.


NSAFN Apk (Night Shift At Fazclaire’s Nightclub) For Android v0.4 3


How To Install NSAFN MOD + APK On Android

  • Now download the file using the link below.
  • Uninstall other versions of the app in your phone.
  • Go to phone Settings >> Security>> Unknown Sources >> Turn it ON. You can as well turn off your play protect from play store app settings.
  • Make sure you have enough space on your phone.
  • Locate where the downloaded file is stored on your phone.
  • Click on it to install, wait till it finishes installing.
  • Now your Drive NSAFN MOD + APK for android has been successfully Installed.
  • Open and start playing the app.


NSAFN Apk (Night Shift At Fazclaire’s Nightclub) For Android v0.4 2


Download NSAFN MOD + APK Unlimited Money/Unlocked All



Hope you have downloaded and installed NSAFN MOD + APK? If you have any questions, please use the comment box below.


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