What is Oracle autonomous database cloud specialist 1z0-931-21 EXAM?


Oracle Autonomous Database is the world’s sole facts administration gadget to patch, improve and tune itself mechanically. It handles database renovation duties while the machine is running—without human intervention. It is in addition divided into two types:


ATP: The Autonomous Transaction Processing workload kind of configures the database for a transactional workload, with a bias toward excessive volumes of random records access. E.g., Transactions, Batch, Reporting, IOT Application Dev, Machine Learning, etc.

ADW: The Autonomous Data Warehouse workload kind configures the database for choice aid or records warehouse workload, with a bias in the direction of giant statistics scanning operations. E.g., Best for all Analytic Workloads Data Warehouse, Data Mart, Data Lake, Machine Learning, and many others.

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An Oracle Autonomous Database Specialist is a character who has the capabilities to Manage the entire Lifecycle Management of the Autonomous Database (ATP & ADW), which consists of provision, control & migration to the Autonomous Transaction Database (ATP) and Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW). It is designed for DBA’s, APPs DBA’s, DevOps admins on-premise DBAs, Cloud facts administration professionals, and consultants who choose to validate their know-how and skills. A person who clears this certification is capable of apprehending the performance & workflow of Autonomous Database such as provisioning and connecting, migration the usage of SQL Developer, Data Pump, and Golden Gate, control and monitoring, and recognizing tools, reporting, and analytics the usage of Autonomous Data Warehouse.


Topics to Prepare:


Suppose you are planning to take this exam. In that case, you have to be properly organized with the subjects Autonomous Database Overview & Architecture, Provision & Connectivity, Migration & Data Loading in Autonomous Database, Managing & Maintaining Autonomous Database, Monitoring Autonomous Database & the use of Tools, Reporting and Analytics the use of Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW), So once you are finished with studying these matters & doing Hands-on Cloud, you are geared up for the exam.


  • Autonomous Database Technical Overview:

This subject has been protected in our Autonomous Database Technical Overview, the place we searching into the structure of Autonomous Database & Autonomous Dedicated Infrastructure, appreciation OCI Architecture from the standpoint of Autonomous Database, key points of Autonomous Database & how database safety is leveraged in ADB, additionally in this subject we blanketed about ADB Dedicated infrastructure, describe the one of a kind ADB offerings.


  • Autonomous Database (ADB) Shared:

This is one of the vital matters in phrases of examination point of view as we are doing hands-on for Autonomous Database by provisioning (Creating) your first Autonomous Serverless, connecting to ADB, downloading database credentials, Managing users, ADB backup, patching, and upgrade.


  • Autonomous Database Dedicated & Autonomous Database Cloud  Customer:

In this, We will study the workflow of ADB(dedicated) and ADB Cloud Customer resources, provisioning of Dedicated Revealing el Dedicated Infrastructure and control, holding old scheduling and encryption keys.


  • Managing and Maintaining An Autonomous Database:

The above subject matter has been blanketed in our Module 5: Administer Autonomous Database, in which we will be searching at how you will be managing & keeping your Autonomous Database, duties such as a start, stop, scaling your ADB (Storage & CPU Both), how you will use APIs, CLI to control ADB.


  • Autonomous Database Tools:

In this section, we will describe and discover Autonomous Database Tool like Data load, create Business Models and discover the catalog


  • Developing an Autonomous Database:

Developing an Autonomous Database is a vital subject from an examination perspective. In this subject, we will cowl Autonomous JSON Database, Oracle Text, Autonomous Graph, Autonomous Spatial.


  • Migrating to Autonomous Database:

Migrating Oracle Database To Autonomous Database, we will be deep-diving into a range of migrations approaches for migrating to Autonomous Database such as Data Pump, Golden Gate and will additionally appear into loading Data to Autonomous DB the use of DBMS_CLOUD utility. Including all the above topics, we additionally cowl Autonomous Database For Experienced/Advanced Users as Bonus Module (4): Autonomous Database For Experienced/Advanced Users, In which we cowl DBMS Cloud Package File URL Formats & Options, Restrictions for DB Initialization Parameters & SQL Commands, Sample Schema & Security Considerations.


Exam Topics:

  1. Introduction to Oracle Machine Learning (OML) and Oracle Autonomous Cloud Platform:
  • Describe Oracle Machine Learning (OML)
  • Describe the factors and elements of OML
  1. Creating Workspace and Projects in Oracle Machine Learning:
  • Access the Oracle Machine Learning Home web page in Autonomous Data Warehouse
  • Create a new challenge and workspace in Oracle Machine Learning
  • Manage workspaces and workspace permissions


  1. Creating SQL Scripts and Running SQL Commands in Oracle Machine Learning:
  • Describe the SQL Script Scratchpad
  • Run SQL scripts
  • Export and import SQL scripts
  • Identify the restrictions on SQL instructions and for database options
  1. Notebooks in Oracle Machine Learning:
  • Describe Notebooks in Oracle Machine Learning
  • Create and run a Notebook
  • Describe a normal workflow for examining records with Oracle Machine Learning
  • Create pick varieties and check-box varieties in Notebooks
  1. Collaborating Using Templates in Oracle Machine Learning:
  • Describe templates in Oracle Machine Learning
  • Share a pocketbook by way of the usage of Oracle Machine Learning templates
  • Describe personal, shared, and instance templates
  1. Working with Jobs in Oracle Machine Learning
  • Describe jobs in Oracle Machine Learning
  • Create jobs to agenda notebooks
  • View job logs
  1. Administering Oracle Machine Learning:
  • Describe administering Oracle Machine Learning
  • Explain the workflow for managing Oracle Machine Learning
  • Create person money owed for Oracle Machine Learning
  1. Working with AutoML:
  • Describe AutoML in Oracle Machine Learning
  • Work with AutoML the usage of AutoML UI and OML4Py

Exam Summary:

  • Exam Title: Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud 2021 Specialist
  • Exam Number: 1Z0-931-21
  • Exam Price: $244
  • Format: Multiple Choice
  • Duration: ninety Minutes
  • Number of Questions: 60
  • Passing score: 65%


Final Thoughts:


For the Oracle 1Z0-931-21 exam, you should be acquainted with the Oracle Autonomous Database. You have to have a trip to it earlier than taking the exam. A suitable exercise check will assist you in putting it together for the exam. So, it is quintessential to prepare for the exam. It would be nice if you had been encouraged and had masses of time to study. With this, you will be able to succeed in the test.

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