How To Start Recharge And Get Paid Business


In this blog post I will sharing with you all you need to know about recharge and get paid. Recharge and get paid is a Nigeria online earning platform that actually allows you to earn, make money at your comfort. This platform is not other platforms, they allow you enjoy their services and still earn from it.

Recharge and get paid helps you to become a VTU agent in Nigeria. With recharge and get paid you can sell airtime any where in Nigeria. As you sell airtime it gives you opportunity to earn. The most sweetest part of recharge and get paid is option to refer your friends and family. This referral business allows you to refer someone and earn amount up to N1,000 per referral. This is huge, imagine where you refer 50 persons, nice you already have your 50,000 naira with you.

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Recharge and get paid also pays you when you buy airtime using the platform or you downlines (People you refer to the platform) buys airtime, you will earn a percentage of the amount per recharge. By having a lot of referrals you don’t need to work much.

Apart from buying and selling airtime what else can I do with recharge and get paid?

With recharge and get paid you don’t need to clue up to pay your bills like Nepa bills (PHCN), DSTV subscription, GoTv subscription etc.

Summary About Recharge And Get Paid

1. The business is of packages or level by level. Each level has its own package, it is of 6 different packages. The levels are Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond and Platinum. You can register for any of them, it must not be done in sequential order.

2. Each level has its own benefit that the member enjoys. I Will explain this better later in this article.

3. Each package has registration fee, you will be charged 5,000 to join the business. This is for the lowest level while N50,000 for the minimum level.

4. The package you start with doesn’t matter, your account can be upgraded later.

5. Joining recharge and get paid will give you access to enjoy VTU business which include all network in Nigeria (glo, mtn, airtel, etisalat), you can also buy and sell data at cheap rate using the platform. You can also pay cable subscriptions like DSTV & GOTV. One beautiful this about recharge and get paid is that as you engage in all these activities, you earn some percent which other online platform don’t render.

6. Any time you top up your airtime, pay cable subscription, renew your data. The company pay you some percentage as your commission. Actually if this is accumulate it is huge money. Sometimes you earn 2% – 5% of money spent depending on package that you are in.

7. You are eligible to earn 20% of the registration fee whenever you introduce someone to recharge and get paid. Please make sure the person register through your link.

8. When your downlines or people that you introduce into the company buys airtime, pay cable subscription or buy data. The company credits your account with certain percentage.

9. If the person that you refer introduces others to join the company you will earn 10 percent commission of their registration money.

10. If you attend to leadership post, you will earn N100,000 monthly as your leadership bonus. A trip to dubai worth N500,000 to N1000,000 (cash reward is accepted). Car worth N2 000,000 and a quality house worth N3, 000, 000 cash equivalent is allowed.

11. The money in earn in recharge and get paid is in your online account called wallet. You can transfer them to your bank account, transfer to other recharge and get paid account or use it to pay b

Recharge and Get Paid Level

How to start recharge and get paid business.

Here is the packages or levels in recharge and get paid with registration fee charge.

Basic: N5,000 registration fee charge
Bronze: N10,000 registration fee charge
Silver: N20,000 registration fee charge

Gold: N30,000 registration fee charge
Diamond:N40,000 registration fee charge
Platinium: N50,000 registration fee charge

How The System Of Recharge And Get Paid Works

This platform gives you 2 percent commission for every card or airtime sold or used. They also give you 10 percent commission for every data sold or used.

How To Register

If you want to register for recharge and get paid follow the steps below

  • Visit
  • Enter your details as required. Make sure you fill in the correct information.
  • Add you bank account details
  • Click Register then wait for the page to load.
  • Make payment to activate your recharge and get paid account.

Now you account is active, explore recharge and get paid earning platform. I will advice you to focus on referral option, which will enable you earn huge and make more money.

Recharge and get paid is not a ponzi scheme, you actually earn from what you work for. It is not like other online income program like nnu that will fade. It is really and genuine, this platform have been on for the part 3 years.

Take the opportunity now and make money online.

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