Best Crative Android Games Of 2022


Stay fully aware and focused because I am about to real to you the latest trend and happenings in the game world right now.

These are free and jaw-dropping amazing Android games of 2022. Trust me, they are not your regular type of games.

I am talking about games with sophisticated graphics, better graphics.

Don’t be carried away by those games on the top chart on Playstore. Those games are there because heavily sponsored ads are being used on them. That’s why they are successful on these platforms. Most of them are really boring and can’t go anywhere if not for ads.

That’s why I dived into deep research, found, and analyzed the real super fun Android games of 2022.

These new games will make you more creative, innovative, teach you how to solve problems fast, how to manipulate and bend your enemies even in real life.

After playing these high graphics, with a lot of adventures games, you will be super intelligent and overly creative.


Apex Legends


Listen very carefully, the reason I choose this game as the number 1 best android game of 2022 is that it belongs to the BATTLE ROYALE shooter computer game port.

Mind you, computer games port for the past 4 years of mobile gaming had been on the top 3 favorites for series mobile gamers. It is quite smooth and safe.

Uniquely mobile games often have a bad reputation for mobile gaming. Well, this doesn’t mean that all uniquely mobile games are bad, just that lots of gamers are wary and scared of trying them out until they have been tested out by others.


Star War Hunters


This game is going to do exceedingly well on mobile game platforms. It is a unique mobile game.

Star war hunters are set up as combat Arena where you choose unique heroes from the star war universe. The game is set after the fall of the Galactic empire. It is developed by Zynga, it features a new set of fascinating and fierce characters like rebellion heroes, bounty hunters, and imperial storm troopers. It belongs to the genre of action games.


Genshin Impact


One of the beautiful things about this game is that you can play from your Android with people on multi-platforms like PS4, PC, and iOS. This very game is one of the most popular open-world RPGs right now.

It belongs to the genre of action games. It features Japanese anime-style characters. This game will definitely take you to a world of fantasy called Teyvat. You will go to different environments and join forces with the different characters with tons of self-confidence to defeat dreadful enemies.


Grand Mountain Adventure


If you are looking for beautiful relaxing scenery and a new game for Android then this is for you. The player gets to witness a beautiful top-down view of a snow-covered mountain. You simply have to ski it at high speed making sure you avoid obstacles and making some maneuvers.




Get ready to ride in a gigantic spaceship and release massive gunfire and explosives on your thousands of enemies.

In this game, you will explore different kinds of weapons. A quick little sneak peeks of the game shows where you will be unconscious after 3 days in a spaceship flooded with your enemies.


Alto’s Odyssey


The freshest game dropped by the very developers as the award-winning Alto’s adventures. He took his time in creating this game, making sure it’s more addictive than the previous ones.

In this game, you will slide through a vast desert of sand onboard your sandboard. You have got to explore so many biomes full of dunes and scary ancient temples in forgotten cities.

There is no way you are ever going to get bored again. If you want to experience something truly fun, these Android games of 2022 listed above are quite entertaining, they stand out among thousands of games. Growing up, I thought the games like Super Mario, the fighting force, the legend of Zelda amongst others were going to remain the best forever. But today, we have tons of fun-filled games, with creative stories, amazing graphics, and great technology that would keep you engaged due to their attention to detail.




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